090125 Kiara has now gone back to her breeder as she wasn't happy living with our other bitches.



Golden Retriever bitch, d.o.b. 24th of December 2006

Sire: Tenfield Sea Biscuit Dam:Tenfield Tigris

Breeder: Kim Ellis

Hips: 7/4 -well below breed average!

Elbows: 0/0

KC Good Citizen Bronze & Silver awards


And so we have a GOLDEN puppy again!

Kiara is Simba's niece, being the daughter of his litter brother Reiver.

At 6 weeks of age, before we got her.

With mum Keltie moments before leaving.

First photo at home.

What IS this strange place I have ended up in??

The dogs look funny and that one over there with the stripes doesn't even smell like a dog -what is it?

Hmmmm. I'll have to think about what I make of this.

I think I like it!

FOOD !!!!!!

Uncle Simba is EVER so happy to have a puppy friend of THE RIGHT BREED !

Ripley doesn't mind babysitting, but she does rather think the puppy looks odd.

Where are the pointed ears and the black face ???

Tired now


Simba makes a good pillow, doesn't he

Meeting the kids for the first time

And meeting Bobby and Rufus properly as well.

Bobby has LOTS of nice toys to borrow!

Benjamin loved Kiara -always knew he would!

Kiara wanted his attention all the time

Playing with my squeaky ball

Another ball found

More toys!

Of course, I'm a GOLDEN so I can retrieve a dumbbell without having to be taught it for a year with clicker training first

-unlike the Malinois ! (Watch and learn !)

This looks interesting. Same colour and size as me, but makes a funny noise ??

Getting tired now.

Ripley is convinced she has to act as Kiara's mother.

(The reason for why the beds look so boring is that certain dogs -no names mentioned !! -chew up any bedding we give them.)

Three's company

New house, and I've found a BIG plantpot outside. PERFECT to dig in!

Well the Malinois have black faces, why not me?

With uncle Simba and our friend Benjamin. 15 weeks old.

With uncle Simba aged 5 � months during a walk. Kiara doesn't REALLY want to sit and stay for the camera, she's ready to take off!

THIS is more like it!

Happy puppy

Simba, Benjamin and Kiara August 2007. Kiara now 8 months old.

Benjamin with Simba and Kiara during a walk in December 2007

Kiara January 2008, 12 � months old

15 � months old April 2008

Little Abby looking on in the background

Hot day in May 2008

Benjamin with Simba and Kiara August 2008