Ripley's puppies to Lakota-

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Ripley travelled from Yorkshire to Wales to meet Lakota -who just 3 weeks later at Crufts 2006 became the

first UK Malinois ever to win a Malinois CC

Lakota and Ripley got on really well, sniffed the ground, played, and then mated

8 weeks later

Ripley had a scan at 4 weeks and the vet (not our usual one) said he could see 5 or 6 pups

Then the long wait started.

Ripley kept us waiting -it felt like for an eternity but in reality it wasn't quite so bad!

Finally on day 65 she gave birth.

The first puppy has arrived, a dog. 12.47 am on April the 24th 2006.

The second pup, also a dog, arrived at 1.11 am

1.41 am and a bitch has arrived

Ripley is getting rather tired

Panting a lot

The fourth pup, a dog again, arrived at 2.33 am

The flash failed for pup number 5, which was another dog at 2.53 am so no photo.

Then the 6th and final pup, a bitch, arrived at 3.02 am

Whelping is a messy business as this picture shows!

Ripley washing her pups that still are quite wet

Then we did the usual -moved the pups into a tray so that the dirty bedding in the whelping box could be changed

It's hard to believe now that Rambo, and also Arnie, once were this small!

At 4 am when all was done John went to bed -for one hour, then he had to go to work!


Nice and clean now, all plugged in to mum's teats

All the pups

MY babies!

These are the 4 dogs

And these are the 2 bitches

Close up of a pup who already has a black nose

and of one who still has a pink nose (it will turn black in a couple of days)


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