Ripley's puppies with Lakota

1 week old

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One week old today!

Ripley still cares for the pups very well, but she takes more breaks now.

All 6 pups, 7 days old

"Heart girl" (Because she has a heart shaped white patch on her chest

-the other one is known as "Terminator girl" as she has a T shape)

"Splodge", a dog pup (big white splodge on chest)

John says it's a bad sign when I give the pups nicknames becase it means I am

getting TOO attached to them and will keep them all.

I will NOT! Can I point out my favourite last time was Terminator (Goldmali Ace, later named Max) and he DID get

sold! I am being sensible and will keep one of the bitches only, just do not know which one yet!

The pup in the middle is "T2"

(as in Terminator 2 -guess why?) He's the palest coloured pup.

11 days old now

The pups are starting to walk now

"Heart girl" 11 days

Heartgirl again -the eyes are just starting to open now

T-girl 11 days


Dog pup with no nickname 11 days

Same dog pup

The dog pup with the smallest white patch 11 days

and again

Splodge wanted to wander off -he is the one most mobile now. Again 11 days.


T2 the palest dog pup 11 days

T2 again

11 days old and now the pups fit into this bed rather than the empty litter tray, for when the box needs cleaning

Benjamin and Bobby are very interested in what's inside the box!

Ripley is so good and doesn't mind at all.

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