Ripley's puppies to Lakota

2 weeks old

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It's getting very difficult to hold the pups as they are so wriggly and strong,

and my attempts at taking headshots showing their open eyes didn't come out very well!

Here a dog pup aged 14 days.

Splodge -no honestly I wasn't strangling him, just trying to keep him still!

And of course as the flash went off he shut his eyes.

No better luck trying to photograph the pups in the box as they were all either asleep

(like this dog tucked under the rails, laying on his back) or suckling -with their eyes shut!

I WILL catch them with eyes open eventually!

16 days old now

"It's getting to be very hard work to look after this lot!" says Ripley

Aha! Pup with open eyes finally caught! 16 days

Getting to be time to remove the rails I think

Various pups 16 days old

T2 the palest is a little bit smaller than the rest

Sooooo tired

"I can walk!"

"So can we!"


17 days old


17 days

2 comfy pups aged 17 days

17 days alert pup. The rails are gone now.

3 pups aged 17 days

19 days old with Melanie

19 days

"Hm, maybe I can eat this slipper........."

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