Ripley's puppies to Lakota

3 weeks old

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3 weeks old today!

Time to start eating solid food ! The pups were ready and liked it.

Greediest of all was T2. I have a feeling he will not remain the smallest for long if he eats like this!

Vanilla, the King of all cats, decided he wanted to see if the food was as nice as the pups said.

"No, I prefer cat food" says Vanilla, "but I quite like the company of the pups."

Eventually we had to take the food away as T2 was eating TOO much.

Ripley got to finish it off, and surprisingly she happily shared with Bobby and Rufus.

Nice clean bedding after the messy meal

(The flash makes the eyes look grey, really they are not!)

Some nice milk after the meal.

3 weeks 3 days old, and much too big for the little cat bed

"I'm off!" says Splodge

Who's that dog with the funny ears?

Oh it's Uncle Rufus!


Eating again


"Umpf! You're climbing on my head!"

Pile of puppies 3 weeks 3 days old

I'm the King of the castle!

3 weeks 4 days old and we've got the hang of this eating lark. No need to sit IN the tray.

Milk for afters

Has Vanilla got any milk??

Maybe you can eat the bed.

3 weeks and 5 days old and John is playing with us

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