November: GOLDMALI website online

17th of October: Ripley BOB at Norbel Open show

13th of October: Rufus and Simba passed KC GC Gold test

6th of October: Rufus and Simba passed KC GC Silver test

19th of September: Simba passed KC GC Bronze test

18th of September: Ripley 1st PG at Darlington Champ.

1st of August: Dandy Best Veteran at Companion show

18th of July: Ripley Best in Show at Companion show

4th of July: Simba Best Puppy & Dandy Best Veteran at Comp. show

13th of June: Arnie 2nd of 25/Best x-breed obedience at

6th of June: Arnie Best Crossbreed at Companion show

23rd of May: Ripley RBOB at Yorks & N.Mids. W&PBS Open

4th of April: Ripley BB + RBOB at BSD Ass. of GB Open

6th of March: Ripley 1st GC + 3rd PG at CRUFTS