Needs updating and turning into a proper photo gallery.

Photo gallery

Various photos from past and present that didn't quite fit elsewhere on this site!

(Click HERE for photos of puppies in their new homes)

Olmec came to visit us one day in December 2011. Mayhem when 3 Papillon littermates get back together!

Olmec, Harry, Molly
(Goldmali Gideon, Goldmali Georgie, Goldmali Good Golly Ms Molly)

Quite a handfull!

Molly on Judith's lap, Olmec, Harry

Olmec plays with Monty


June 2011 Blackpool after the show:

Ripley, Fame, Z



April 2011:

Monty, Ginny, Peanut, Bobby, Abby, Ella and Ripley


Just a couple of the many snow photos from December 2010:


Fun in the snow






No dogs on the bed, of course!

Little dogs in a BIG field July 2010

Toydogs needs exercise too


A toydog walk, July 2010

Benjamin with Abby and Monty, Melanie with Bobby and Ginny, Rebecca with Ella and Peanut


A trip to Blackpool beach 27th of June 2010 -after the show

Ripley, Melanie, John, Roxie and Z

John, Roxie and Z

Z and Ripley -two very happy and fit show dogs



Z and Ripley January 2010

A proper winter at last!

Ripley and Z

Okay it's snowing, are you going to let us in???

January 2010

Rio and Rocco saying hello through the window January 2010

Christmas Day walks 2009:

Simba, Arnie, Roxie and Rio

Simba, Rio, Arnie, Roxie

All in line now!

Where did Roxie get to?

She didn't want to do a stay so is running around the others in circles teasing them!

Matilda, Ripley, Z, Rocco

Ripley and Matilda

(Daylight now disappearing)

Bobby, Ginny, Abby

Even old Rufus wanted to come for a walk today


Myself and John during a visit to Thea Jellicoe (with Z and Rocco. Rocco in blue collar, Z in rainbow collar.)

Out of these 5 Malinois, FOUR are entrie males and all got on great, playing all day.



This grey beauty is Ripley's litter sister Sasha (Sabrefield Zilver Zymbol of Belnoir). Isn't she stunning?

Five Malinois having fun September 2009

In our house the dogs are not spoilt AT ALL

(Melanie with Bobby and Rio, August 2009)

No dogs ever sleep on the furniture as you can see

Melanie, Benjamin and Rebecca with the Papillons August 2009

Melanie with Abby, Bobby and Ginny August 2009

Melanie with Abby and Benjamin with Ginny after a fun show where Abby won waggiest tail and Ginny was 5th out of 33 in prettiest bitch (July 2009)

Ginny, Bobby and Abby, photo by Melanie (14) July 2009

Action shot by Melanie

3 generations, from left to right: Roxie, mum Rio, grandmother Ripley.

Simba looking in at a pile of cats, just wanting to play.

Z looking in at the same cats, wanting to eat them all.

Snow photos February 2009: for the first time in many years we had a bit of snow!

So what's this white stuff then?

Woohoo, this is fun! Granny Ripley, Rocco, Roxie

Arnie, Matilda, Simba, Ripley, Rocco, Roxie, Z, Rio (in front)

Rocco can fly!

Let's chase auntie Matilda!

Rocco and Roxie


Ripley (front), Roxie, Z

Arnie, Matilda, Roxie, Rocco, Simba, Ripley, Z

Rio and the little dogs

Ginny, Abby, Bobby, Rufus

Ginny, Abby, Bobby

Abby and Bobby

Abby racing in the snow



A game of 3-way tug with Bobby, Ginny and Abby

Melanie with Ginny, Bobby and Abby, May 2008

Matilda and Pippin became canine blood donors in May 2008.

Ginny, Rufus, Abby and Bobby; May 2008

Rio's (and the B-litter's) stunning dad Lakota, or CHAMPION SIOUX WARRIOR.

Can't leave him out as he's very much part of the family and we meet him often at shows with his owner Thea Jellicoe and handler Tish Gaffey. Ripley says she wants more puppies with him and flirts a lot, but no, sorry, she's retired !!

Lakota. Photos from Thea.

My daughter Rebecca sent me this for my birthday in February 2007. I think she'll have a career as a cartoonist!

Pippin the rescued Labrador who has lived with us since June 2007. She belongs to Johns mother and lives

in her part of the bungalow. Pippin was picked up as a stray by the police and was never claimed from the stray kennels.

She has a ridge on her nose just like Xanda, Fionn and Ginny


Ripley and Rio took part in Discover Dogs at Crufts 2007 (on Gundog day) to represent their breed. They had a LOT of fun and loved greeting all visitors.

Posing for visitors -they had their picture taken a LOT of times.


Even when Ripley finally got tired, Rio still wanted to say hello to people.

But at the end of the day, Rio got tired too.



Mother and daughter February 2007. Rio and Ripley.

Simba, Rambo (aka "Scarface") and Rio, September 2006.

John with Livvy (front) and Rambo, June 2006

Rambo (left) and Livvy, June 2006.

(It is really 2 photos put together to make an advert for a breed feature!)

Ripley and Dandy in the snow, 29th of December 2005.

John with Rambo and his sister Livvy. 28th of December 2005.


At dog training club (Man's Best Friend) October 2004.

That's me with Simba at the front to the right.

Christmas Day walk 2002.

Christmas Day walk 2003.

Christmas day is THE best day ever for uniterrupted dog walks.

Nopbody in England seems to walk their dogs then so

you have the world to yourselves!

And to me, as a Swede, Christmas is the day before.

2004 and the dogs that were here then -since then 2 more have arrived!

Left to right clockwise: Dandy, Ripley, Rufus, Matilda, Simba, Arnie and Elsa.

The Christmas Day walk 2004.

An old favourite. Jesper, Leo and Jessie.

A dog walk circa 1997. Rufus, Casey, Jenna, a young Elsa, Mollie and Dandy.

"Any shade of gold or cream"......

Dandy and Emma


My grandparents' Papillon who died in 1979.

Now at long last I have one of my own !

Bobby is named after Bobi.

Scarlet, Mollie and Elsa look through the fence

A totally fearless puppy Rufus steals the tennis ball out of Leo's mouth! 1995

Dandy as a pup 1996

Elsa as a pup -having been very busy! 1997

Leo with tiny puppy Casey. 1997