ROCCO 9/9 2008 - 19/8 2016 This was his page



Malinois dog (neutered), d.o.b. 9th September 2008

Red with black mask

Sire: Ch. Bonvivant Esprit Dam: Goldmali Believe

Breeder: Marianne Brett


Rocco's pedigree name is after a song as most of our Malinois; this time Barry Manilow's Copacobana (which is playing).

Rocco wasn't meant to be kept, but as sometimes happen, the right home just did not appear for him (the orginal buyer had to cancel due to a family bereavement) and when he turned 13 weeks old -well........... We couldn't part with him, he's part of the family now -and so he is officially STAYING.

Unfortunately Rocco had an extremely bad vet experience as a young pup and has since then not been able to be shown as he fears men, new situations etc. We are working with him but realised he would never see the inside of a show ring, so he was castrated. The main thing is to keep him happy so we go to clicker obedience classes.



13 weeks and ears still silly. All pics of Rocco younger (from birth onwards) will be found on the pages for the C -litter:


4 months old

A flying Rocco 2nd of February 2009

Roxie and Rocco (back) playing in the snow

Rocco second from the left

5 months old February 28th 2009

5 months

Yummy meaty bones! Rocco 7 months old.

Rocco a year old September 2009

The photos don't do his lovely red colour justice at all, he is truly red in real life.

Rocco has inherited his mum Rio's converging ears -but not to the same extent!

Roxie, Z, Ripley, Rio, Rocco September 2009

December 2009

With mum Rio (to the left) January 2010

Rocco (left) with granny Ripley December 2010

Rocco (left) with sister Roxie

December 2010 in the back garden

December 2010

1st of October 2011