NEWS 2022

30th of July: Lucy Toyne and Walter (Goldmali Opportunity Nox) placed 2nd in grade 3-5 agility at Derbyshire Championship show.

30th of July: BSDA Championship show with judge Miriam Vermeire from Belgium. Bambi RBCC, Mats RDCC and Best Veteran in Breed, both graded Excellent.
Goldmali Salute Belshedo (Gibbs) graded Very Promising and was Best Puppy. Gibbs was also BP the following day at NBSDC under Dirk Spruyt.

25th of July: Kirsty with Zeke (Goldmali Quicksilver) passed their KC Good Citizen Bronze test.

22nd of July: Leeds Championship Show. Bambi Reserve BCC and Goldmali Salute Belshedo BP&BD, Goldmali Paradox 2st in LB.

16th and 23rd of July: Margaret Young and Rogue (Goldmali Starman) competed in Obedience for the first two times, aged 9 months, and won his class both times, already winning out of Novice!

16th of July: SHE DID IT !! CHAMPION GOLDMALI OVER THE RAINBOW  "Bambi" takes her third CC and BOB at National Working & Pastoral Breeds Society.
Many thanks to breed specialist judge Steve Bennett for thinking so highly of our beautiful Bambi. Also to Marion Hodgson and Margy Pratten for the first and second; both also breed specialists.
Having had four Malinois stuck on 2 CCs without ever getting the crowning third this was very special to us. Ritzy was Best Veteran.
Kirsty Thomas and Goldmali Quicksilver won PGD and LD. Natalie Mitchell and Goldmali Paradox 2nd in LB.

Bambi at NWPBS, photo by Yvonne M Davis

26th of June: Blackpool Championship Show (without CCs). Ritzy Best Veteran, Bambi Reserve Best Bitch, Jane Willingham/Charlie Metcalf's Goldmali Salute Belshedo Best Dog & Best Puppy.

12th of June: Lottie and Poppy went to the Parti Poodle Club show where Poppy was Best Puppy in Miniatures and also won "Most adorable puppy".

8th of July: East of England Championship without CCs. Jane Willingham and Charlie Metcalf's Goldmali Salute Belshedo "Gibbs" Best Dog & Best Puppy.

8th of June: My best little girl Lottie the Parti Poodle passed her RAD Intermediate class and is on her way to become an Assistance Dog.

4th of June:
Natalie's River has now gained all the Trick dog certificates up to EXPERT!

29th of May: Bath Championship show. Mark with Jackson (G. Power) won PGD. Kirsty with Zeke won JD and was 2nd in PGD. Mats Best Veteran, Bambi won OB.

8th of May: Several Goldmalis took part in the double Championship shows at Stafford showground; Birmingham National and the BSDA.
Jane with Gibbs (G. Salute Belshedo) won MPD in the National and was Best Puppy Dog in the club show. (Now Crufts qualified.)
Sarah with Seven (G. Somebody To Love) won MPB in the National and was 3rd in PB at the BSDA. (Now Crufts qualified.)
Natalie with River (G. Paradox) won PGB and SBB at the National and was Best Special Beginner. At the BSDA she won PGB.
Kirsty with Zeke (G. Quicksilver) won JD, YD and PGD at the National. Zeke won JD and PGD in the BSDA.
Mats VD Vaardekenshoeve at Goldmali was Best Veteran in both the shows and also took the RDCC in the BSDA.
Bambi (G. Over the Rainbow) won OB in both shows.

7th of May: Derek and Petra (G. Icon) passed their KC Good Citizen Silver test.

6th of May: Lucy with Walter (Goldmali Opportunity Nox) is currently top of the League for the Agility Vision grand national after gaining a 2nd and a 3rd place,
plus a 2nd place in graded 1-3 agility. The only large dog, so far, to go clear in both the agility and jumping rounds.

May: Goldmali Quest (Jemelle) with owner Joanne took part in his first ever agility show and placed 3rd in Primary Jumping.
Also Zulte (G. I Believe I Can Fly, also with Joanne) in the Kelluki winter series 2021-22,  won the large dog - advanced part of the league!

19th of April: Joanne's Zulte (G. I Believe I Can Fly AW S) had an impressive day on Easter Saturday at Inspire agility.
3x 2nd place and a 1st place in G6-7 agilty.  His second win towards G7.

10th of April: Natalie and River gained their Novice Trick title!

9th of April: First ever show for Goldmali Salute Belshedo "Gibbs", aged 6 months and a week, owned by Jane Willingham & Charlie Metcalf. Gibbs took BP, BOB AND Pastoral Puppy Group 4!
This was at Wellingborough & DCS Open show.

6th of April: Natalie and River gained their Beginners Trick title!

20th of March: Retford CS Premier Open show. Bambi BOB, Rani RBOB.

10th of March: CRUFTS. Lightning does strike twice! Bambi; GOLDMALI OVER THE RAINBOW took the Bitch CC and BEST OF BREED! Thank you to judge Margy Pratten.
MATS took the Reserve Dog CC and Best Veteran. Kirsty with Zeke (Goldmali Quicksilver) was 1st in JD and 1st in PGD.
Mark with Jackson (G. Power) was 2nd in PGD. Natalie with River (G. Paradox) was 2nd in PGB.
Goldmali Kaylee did great in her flyball team and Evan with Ernie (Goldmali Moon River) placed 3rd in YKC Jumping. Lupa, Zulte, Kozen and Fen worked in Discover Dogs.
I'm so proud of all of you!

John with Bambi in the big ring

Kirsty with Zeke

River handled by Natalie

Jackson handled by Mark 2


19th of February: Heather Weideman and Lupa (Goldmali Little Cloud) won a strong class in UK Hoopers.

9th of February: Goldmali KAYLEE will once again compete in the flyball at Crufts, watch out for her on TV. Also Phalene Goldmali Moon River (Ernie) will be taking part in agility with a junior handler.

5th of February: Bianca Schofield and Fire (Goldmali Noyau’s Fire at Toverheks) is currently in 46th place worldwide, in the handlers division of the K9 frisbee Toss and Fetch Super 8 league.

23rd of January: Manchester Championship show. Kirsty Thomas' Goldmali Quicksilver (Zeke) 1st in JD and PGD. Natalie Mitchell's Goldmali Paradox (River) 1st in PGB.
Our own Bambi (G. Over the Rainbow) 1st in LB.

December 2021/January 2022: Rani (GOLDMALI QUEEN OF HEARTS) is TOP MALINOIS PUPPY OF 2021.