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27th of December: Janice Tyers' Goldmali Brown Sugar ("Tanni") went to Carmarthen Canine Society and won BOB avnsc, and then was awarded 4th in the pastoral group.

12th/13th of December: We travelled (and got lost -over and over) to Holland and back to collect the new Malinois dog CASYKA'S ITUHA ("Luta") that we co-own with Thea Jellicoe. Luta lives with Thea (it's doggy paradise at her place in Wales!!) and will be shown in joint names from next year. All being well one day he will sire puppies with Rio -probably in early 2011.

4th of December: Very sadly Pippin the Labrador died. She had been operated on for cancer of the spleen two weeks earlier.

26th of November: Our first ever homebred Papillon puppy is born. Ginny gave birth to 3 pups, of which two were stillborn. The scan had shown only two pups and the vet also only felt two, so we were devastated -Goinny lost her first litter as well. Then all of a sudden a LIVE pup was born! A miracle! "Peanut" will DEFINITELY be staying here with us!!

17th of October: Janice Tyers' Goldmali Brown Sugar ("Tanni") Reserve Best Bitch at South Wales Kennel Association Championship show.

12th of September: Ripley 1st in Veteran Bitch and Z 1st in Limit Dog at Richmond Championship show. That's our last for 2009 now.

22nd of August: Thea Jellicoe's Goldmali Could It Be Magic (Tiva) 1st in Puppy Bitch at her last puppy show; Welsh KC MANY congratulations to Tish & Thea with Sabrefield Sequoya (same dad as Rio and Z, mother litter sister to Ripley) who took her 3rd CC to become a Champion!

12th of July: At the East of England Championship show, Janice Tyers' Goldmali Brown Sugar ("Tanni") was Best Bitch (beating some real top winners too!).

4th of July: We went to "Dogs Unleashed" with Melanie (14) and Benjamin (9). In "Prettest bitch" Benjamin handled Ginny to a 5th place out of 33, and in "waggiest tail" Melanie handled Abby to first prize out of 6.

28th of June: Blackpool Championship show. Z BD, Roxie BP.

13th of June: Ashfield (Notts) open show. Z BOB, Rio RBOB, Roxie BP.

24th of May: Roxie is Best Puppy in breed at Bath Championship Show.

May: Janice Tyers' Goldmali Brown Sugar "Tanni" goes Best AVNSC at Royal Welsh Smallholders and Garden Festival Premier open show.

17th of May: Scottish Kennel Club Championship show. What a day!

Z won the Dog CC, Ripley won the Bitch CC and BOB, Roxie won Best Puppy AND the Reserve Bitch CC! (Thus gaining her stud book number.) This makes Roxie the youngest Malinois EVER to gain an RCC -she is just 8 months old!

13th of May: We say a final goodbye to Dandy. 13 years and one month old, he was with us for so long and shall be very much missed.

The best dog anyone could imagine. This was his own page here: Dandy

9th of May: Birmingham National Dog Show, Championship show. Goldmali Could It Be Magic ("Tiva", owned by Thea Jellicoe)

is Best Puppy in breed.

Tiva, Roxie (who was beaten by her sister) and Rio all qualify for Crufts 2010.

Thea and Tiva

6th of May: Bobby and Z both pass their KC Good Citizen GOLD tests.

29th of April: Abby passes her KC Good Citizen Bronze test and Z passes his Silver test.

18th of April: Goldmali Brown Sugar ("Tanni", owned by Janice Tyers) takes BOB at Working & Pastoral Breeds Association of Wales Championship show.

April: Goldmali Angel ("Cleo" owned by Chris and Steve Benett) is hip scored 5/6 -exact same score as her mum Ripley.

28th of March: Roxie Best Puppy at BSDA open show.

14th of March: Roxie takes Best Puppy in breed at her first show, West Torrington open. Rio is eye tested clear again.

8th of March: CRUFTS 2009. Ripley takes 1st in Veteran bitch and also 1st in Good Citizen Bitch. (The third time she has won GC at Crufts.) Different dogs to beat in each class well. Z took 2nd in PG dog and 3rd in GC dog, Rio was Reserve in PG bitch. Cleo (G. Angel) was 3rd in Limit bitch and Tanni (G. Brown Sugar) Reserve in Limit bitch.

One the Friday we did Discover Dogs again with Ripley and Rio.

Ripley and John at Crufts

Melanie at Discover Dogs at Crufts with Ripley and Rio

7th of February: Ripley Reserve Best of Breed at Newark & District CS open show.

25th of January: Kiara did not get on with our other bitches so has gone back home to her breeder for everyone's sake, not least her own. Sad, but sometimes things just do not work out.

24th of January: Janice Tyers' Goldmali Brown Sugar ("Tanni) Best AVNSC at Cardiff CS open show.

10th of January: Rio (Goldmali Believe) is RESERVE BEST BITCH at Boston Championship Show. Z won PG dog and Ripley was 2nd in Open bitch. Considering that Rio had ten puppies only 4 months ago and lost a lot of weight then, we're very impressed with her placing! She's back in perfect condition.