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December: We find out that Alison Pell and Zara (Goldmali Cherish) have been picked for the Northern Ireland team for the inter regional obedience at Crufts 2011 !!! WELL DONE ALISON AND ZARA !!!!!!!

27th of November: Peanut wins Junior Dog at West Torrington Open show, and Abby is placed third in her class -both handled by Melanie.

Peanut and Abby both eye tested clear.

17th of November: Monty becomes the 20th dog of mine (in 15 years) to pass the KC Good Citizen Bronze test. Rufus was the very first!

24th of October: Rio gives birth to 9 puppies. See HERE

28th of September: Rio is scanned and confirmed pregnant to Luta -the vet could see "more than 7 puppies".

25th of September: A fantastic weekend for the Goldmalis! Janice Tyers' Goldmali Brown Sugar (Tanni) won BOB, Group 1 and BEST IN SHOW at the Teifi Valley Open Show -an amazing achievement for a Malinois!

Alison Pell's Goldmali Cherish (Zara) won Obedience class A at the Belfast Championship show. I AM SO PROUD OF MY GREAT PUPPY BUYERS !


Alison and Zara

31st of July: BSDA Championship show. Not the most fantastic results we've ever had but all the dogs (Ripley, Z, Luta and also Thea's Tiva) were graded EXCELLENT.

17th of July: Janice Tyers' Goldmali Brown Sugar takes the RBCC at National Working & Pastoral breeds Championship show.

Best of all, ROXIE went in the ring for the first time for a year WITHOUT getting scared.

10th of July: Janice Tyers' Goldmali Brown Sugar (Tanni) wins BB and BOB at East of England Championship show.

27th of June: Blackpool Championship show. Not the best results; Ripley moulting a lot, Z sniffing the grass looking for bitches! Ripley RBB, Z RBD.

13th of June: Welcome MONTY, "the new Rufus" ! (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.) Click HERE for his own page.

12th of June: Northern Belgian Shepherd Dog Club's Championship show, with a very good Malinois entry. Melanie handled Z who took 1st in Limit Dog, Ripley was 1st in Veteran Bitch, Luta and Tiva (Thea's G. Could It Be Magic) had lower placings but most importantly all 4 dogs were graded EXCELLENT.

30th of May: Thea Jellicoe's Goldmali Could It Be Magic "Tiva" takes the Reserve Bitch CC in a lot of competition at Bath championship show. Janice Tyers' Goldmali Brown Sugar wins Limit bitch.

16th of May: Went to a small local fun show with Melanie, Benjamin and a few dogs. Benjamin and Simba won 1st in Most Handsome Dog and Melanie and Peanut won 1st in Young Handler.

15th of May: Ripley BOB at Redditch & District CS Open show.

15th of May: Janice Tyers' Tanni (Goldmali Brown Sugar) wins AV BSD and BOB at the Royal Welsh Smallholders and Gardeners Premier Open show. Also back in March at the Swansea Open show she was BOB AVNSC and WON THE PASTORAL GROUP!

9th of May: Casyka's Ituha "Luta" the Dutch import co-owned with Thea Jellicoe (living with Thea and handled by Thea) enters his first UK championship show (Birmingham National) with tickets available and wins the dog CC!

28th of April: Very much NOT a highlight. Goodbye RUFUS whose age and heart finally caught up with him, the 99 lives that seemed never ending ended, and we had to give him that final gift; being put to sleep at the vet's to save him from suffering. He'd had enough. After 15 years, it seems impossible to not have Rufus around any longer. He was always here, the oldest dog I've ever had, and the one that seemed to get through absolutely anything that life threw at him -with the samme happy disposition all the time. One in a million. He will be so much missed.

Lorphil Ludo 26/2 1995 - 28/4 2010. 15 years, 2 months and 2 days old.

24th of April: Casyka's Ituha "Luta" the Malinois import co-owned with Thea Jellicoe takes Best Dog at his first UK show; WELKS.

Goldmali Could It Be Magic 1st in PG at same show.

29th of March: Ripley's Champion certificate from the KC arrived in the post so her title is now all official.

21st of March: West Torrington Open show. Ripley took Best of Breed again, her 16th, from a good entry for an open show -6 Malinois.

Rio (Goldmali Believe) and Ginny (Amicae Whispering Dreams of Goldmali) were both eye tested clear.


11th of March: CRUFTS. What can I say other than WOW?!

Ripley (Sabrefield Zimply Zuper) was placed 1st in Veteran Bitch. 1st in Limit Bitch. 1st in Good Citizen Bitch.

She then won Best Bitch and the Bitch CC -her third, making her a CHAMPION (subject to KC confirmation!) at one month shy of 10 years of age! This wasn't even enough, she then went on to take BEST OF BREED and got to compete in the big ring at Crufts. She wasn't placed in the Pastoral group but really, we could not have cared less then!

Thank you so much to the 3 judges that thought so highly of Ripley and awarded her the 3 CCs, ALL with BOB: Paul Lawless (Belfast), Judith Cloutt (SKC) and Marcelle King (Crufts).

Thank you to my husband John who handles Ripley so well at the shows -I could never have done it myself. And of course, the biggest THANK YOU of all to Liz Richardson for breeding Ripley and entrusting me with her, all those years ago. The puppy I wasn't interested in showing !! Oh and not forgetting -thank you to Ripley HERSELF for being the best pet anyone could ever wish for -she's a dog in a million and she knows it.

Goldmalis that got placings at Crufts (none of them last) were Bohemian Rhapsody, with Melanie ("Z": a 3rd and a 2nd), Angel, with Steve ("Cleo": VHC), Brown Sugar, with Janice ("Tanni": 3rd) and Could It Be Magic, with Thea ("Tiva": 2nd).

My daughter Melanie (almost 15) handled Z and did extremely well for her first Crufts. See video at YouTube:


And thanks to all my supportive friends who shared our great day at Crufts! Too many to mention but you know who you are.



26th of February: Rufus the Cavalier turned 15 years old! Amazing considering his heart is so bad the vet thought he'd not see Christmas 2002 !!!

More photos on his own page.

February: Hip score for Sarah Liddy's Goldmali By Your Side: 3/4. "Fionn" now competes in agility grade 6 ! (The second highest grade.)

9th of January: Boston Championship Show. The snow stopped everyone else in the breed from getting there. Z (handled by Melanie) Best Dog and Best Opposite Sex, Ripley Best Bitch & Best of Breed.