Lorphil Loxley

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, neutered dog


D.o.b. 19/12 2009

Sire: Maibee Moffatt

Dam: Marigill Melody

Breeder: Lorraine Gillhespy

KC Good Citizen Bronze, Silver and Gold awards

Monty just did not get on with old Bobby the Papillon at all and April 2014 we had to give up, for Bobby's sake. Monty now lives with John's daughter.


We missed RUFUS (1995-2010) so much and couldn't be without a Cavalier after all these years. It really had to be a Blenheim again, and if he was related to Rufus, so much the better! We got really lucky and were offered a 6 months old pup from Rufus' breeder Lorraine Gillhesphy. Monty has a fantastic temperament, comes from parents with current clear heart certificates and that have both been MRI scanned clear. And Monty's Great Great Great Grandmother (!) was none other than Rufus' mother! "The new Rufus" has arrived!

First day, have just arrived home and is a little bit unsure

Looking so much like Rufus here

Oh look, toys and bones

I like this bone

And I like Benjamin. Peanut is looking rather jealous!

Melanie with Monty and Bobby

Monty quickly realised he can jump up onto the couches

It didn't take long before Monty and Peanut started playing.

I've had a tiring day

What's going on over there?

Maybe I should send an e-mail to my breeder. Then again I am so tiiired zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Fast asleep next to Rebecca

The next day


A few days later, and Monty has learnt how to get inside the cat run (for explanation of how that works, click HERE ) and he's got used to the cats!

In the garden here. Shall we play? Ella the Papillon is tiny but very gutsy!

Let's have a race!

What's going on over there?

(These photos are a bit unclear as the evening sun was bright and I had to take them from the bedroom window, as every time I stepped outside all the dogs came running and stopped playing!)

Ginny, Ella, Monty

Peanut and Abby have joined in the game of chase

Faster, faster!!

"It wasn't me who chewed the jeans, honest!"

Nice cool spot next to the window

A great big enormous field to run and play in with my new friends

Monty pretending to be a gundog

July 2010. Monty has gone from being scared of the cats, to chasing them, to believing he IS a cat. Here with Marabou.

(Yes Monty was wearing a belly band, he was marking indoors a lot so it was needs must and he didn't mind at all. This has since stopped! No more bellybands.)

"Let me wash your ears, dad!"

It's SUCH a hard life when Melanie sleeps over.

Let's all play!!!

October 2010

Tired Monty surrounded by friends

This is the life -a comfy lap and friends

Monty LOVES Rio's puppies

Monty playing with Rio's pups aged 3 ½ weeks

Monty 11 months old

Monty's first birthday and first ever cake! (That's chicken and ham in the middle.)

How long do I have to pose?

Come on!!!

(No photos of the cake being eaten as it turned into mayhem with all the dogs sharing!)

Benjamin and Monty December 2010

With Papillon friend Abby, March 2011

Monty loves the couch!

Posing with his Papillon friends after a walk, April 2011

18 months old

Monty in the garden June 2011 -resting on top of Rufus' grave. Why did he pick that spot?!

Playing with Abby's puppies, June 2011

February 2012 in the snow with Molly, Harry and Peanut

April 2012

November 2013

November 2013