Our MALINOIS - past and present

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(Listed in order from first/oldest to youngest)

Champion Sabrefield Zimply Zuper "RIPLEY" 2000-2014

Goldmali All Or Nothing "RAMBO" 2005-2007

Goldmali Believe "RIO" 2006-2020

Goldmali Bohemian Rhapsody "Z"  2006-2019

Goldmali Crash Boom Bang "ROXIE" 2008-2017

Goldmali Copacobana "ROCCO" 2008-2016

sr Casyka's Ituha "LUTA" (co-owned with Thea Jellicoe)

Goldmali Fabulous "RONA"

Goldmali Fame "FAME" (now living with Derek West)

Goldmali Firework "DOT"

Cymry Penny Wise Goldmali "PENNY"

Goldmali Imagine "RITZY"

Cassie, our rescued working bitch (no page of her own) 2014-2021

Mats Van De Vaardekenshoeve at Goldmali (IMP BEL) "MATS"

Santee Sioux at Goldmali "SANTEE"

Goldmali Kind of Magic "MAGIC"

Goldmali King of Hearts "REX"

Goldmali Kite "FENRIR" (co-owned)

Goldmali Lullaby "DANA"

Goldmali Let It Be "RAFIKI"

Goldmali Name of the Game "RILEY"

Champion Goldmali Over The Rainbow "BAMBI"

Goldmali Queen of Hearts "RANI"

Goldmali Question of Time "GUY"

Goldmali Under Grey Skies "FOREST"