Past dogs

The dogs I have had in the past.

GINNY (Amicae Whispering Dreams of Goldmali) our second Papillon and foundation bitch.
22/10 2006 - 20/12 2023
Pictured at 17 years and 2 months old.

Our very first Papillon
8/4 2005 - 4/9 2021

CASSIE, rescue working Malinois
2014- 9/8 2021

23/12 2016-9/5 2020
Sadly Pluto's life was short, having been born with problems.

24/4 2006-30/1 2020
Rio's page HERE

21/5 2002 - 30/1 2020
The oldest dog I've ever had
Matilda's page HERE

24/4 2006 - 20/7 2019
Z's page

"SIMBA" (Tenfield Golden Rambler)
22/10 2003 - 11/10 2018
Simba's page

21/5 2002 - 28/2 2018
Arnie's page HERE

10/10 2007 - 2/2 2018
The most laid back, lovely Papillon ever. Such a wonderful girl. Miss you Abs.
Abby's page HERE

9/9 2008 - 5/6 2017
Roxie joined her brother Rocco far too soon due to cancer.
Roxie's page can be seen HERE

9/9 2008 - 19/8 2016
Simply fell asleep in his bed and never woke up. No dog from this litter has ever been bred from and never will as this was my one problem litter.
Rocco's page HERE.

27/1 2010 - 2/11 2015
Back injury
Ella's page HERE.

Champion Sabrefield Zimply Zuper "RIPLEY"
15/4 2000 - 17/3 2014
My dog in a BILLION. She gave me everything. Life will never be the same again.
See Ripley's page HERE

Lorphil Loxley "Monty"
-alive and well but unfortunately he absolutely hated Bobby the elderly Papillon and eventually Monty had
 to go and live with John's daughter to keep Bobby safe, after being with us for 4 years.

Lorphil Ludo "Rufus"

26/2 1995 - 28/4 2010

So much missed, my first and most special Cavalier.

Rufus' own page HERE

Yeo Rondo "Dandy"

1/4 1996 -13/5 2009

Dandy had a long and good life but we miss him -there will never be another Dandy.

Dandy's own page HERE.

Kiara -Tenfield Torneälven for Goldmali born 24/12 2006

Sadly Kiara did not get on with the Malinois bitches so she had to go back to her breeder to be found a pet home.

Goldmali All Or Nothing
Our beloved Rambo. 2005-2007

His own page can be found HERE.

A big THANK YOU to everyone who has been so supportive and kind after our loss.

"Casey" 9th December 1996 - 23rd of August 2006.

Lorphil Lancia

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

When John's mother's elderly dog died, she wanted a new companion, and needed an older

dog that would be easy for her to care for as she is disabled and widowed.

So we gave her Casey in 2002.

We saw Casey frequently, and so did Rufus.

Casey loved his new mum.

Casey passed his Bronze test when he was an 8 months old puppy.

Elsa is gone.


Elsa's page can be found HERE

Trixie 1991-? (Left)

Trixie was a Border Collie cross from the RSPCA.

I fostered 2 orphaned pups for the RSPCA and she ended up staying.

Trixe was very much a working Collie and as such she had a lot of energy.

When my first baby was born I suddenly did not have enough time for her,

and she became frustrated. She would carry the cats around by their necks

and wrecked the house. None of this was her fault !

Today I would have made time for her and spent a lot of time training her, but back then, my

ex husband had enough and so I agreed to re-home Trixie.

She was found a good home with a family on a farm.

"Jessie" 1992-?

Golden Retriever

With just two Goldens left, and Jesper old and ill, I wanted to get another Golden.

I spent months looking for the right breeder and the right pup, with

the right pedigree, and

Jessie's breeder came highly recommended via a breed club.

Sadly things did not work out despite this.

Jessie was fine on her own and with Jesper and Leo,

but she was not a typical Golden in any sense. At training classes she attacked

and injured both a Rottweiler and a Rottweiler/GSD cross -for no obvious reason at all.

When I acquired Dandy a few years later she totally flipped

and attacked him as an 8 week old pup, with serious intent.

Jessie was returned to her breeder.

Sheba approx. 1983-1995

Golden Retriever/Rough Collie cross bitch

Sheba was found as a stray in the middle of Sheffield City Centre.

She ended up in the council stray kennels, and on the day she

was due to be put to sleep, the kennels phoned Lyn Anderson of Yorkshire Golden Rescue.

They told her they had a Golden Retriever and that she must be collected

before 12 noon or she would be put down.

Lyn got there just in time, found she was not a Golden at all,

but of course could not leave her.

She spent hours de-matting her coat, and trying out every

possible name she could think of. The dog would only

listen to SHEBA. Sheba's plight was mentioned in the breed

notes in Our Dogs, and when I read that, I knew Sheba had to come

to live with me. Jesper had just died, and Sheba seemed so similar to him.

She was a wonderful dog. So happy and loving, enjoying life

so much, and she passed her Bronze test aged approx. 11.

After 18 months Sheba died of bone cancer.

"Jenna" 1987-1999

(Jenna Racislee of Jokaren)

Golden Retriever

Jenna on her 11th birthday

I will always miss Jenna, as long as I live.

She only spent 2 years with me, but left a huge impression.

Came to us aged 9 when nobody else wanted her.

Considered "too old to re-home" until Lyn Anderson of Yorkshire Golden Retriever Rescue

stepped in. Thanks Lyn.

When Jenna arrived she was in poor condition and disobedient.

4 months later she passed the KC Good Citizen Dog Test, as it was then (now: Bronze) (aged 9 ½),

and was Best veteran out of 7 at an Exemption show.

Pack leader, ruled the other dogs kindly but firmly.

After Jenna met an animal communicator in 1998 she was able to

communicate with us -it had to be experienced to be believed, and could not be explained away.

There are so many stories I could tell of Jenna.

I have never met any other dog quite like her.

"Scarlet" 1998-1999

(Granasil Siciliana)

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Scarlet is a sad story. Bought as a pup with the intention of

breeding, showing and obedience, Scarlet arrived with distemper,

which I have since found was true of at least one litter mate as well.

She survived, but developed brain damage and epilepsy.

Scarlet died on her first birthday.

"Alli" 1998-?

(Granasil Alicia)

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Alli was Scarlet's "replacement".

We did show her a bit but the breeding plans had to

be shelved when she developed MVD already under 4 years of age, although it was mild.

A much worse problem was that Alli hated Rufus and Casey.

As time went on she would get nastier and nastier to them, and caused a lot of

problems. She attacked with serious intent. Most unlike a Cavalier.

In the end we gave up and re-homed her as a single pet.

The other dogs were much happier without her and I was told she was doing just

fine in her new home.

Mollie the Collie 1997-1999

Border Collie

Mollie was a rescue. One day some children turned up on my doorstep

and asked if I wanted a dog. Mollie was 6 months old and had

spent her entire life locked in a shed. She didn't even know what a lead was,

and had never been indoors.

Unfortunately her upbringing left a lot of mental scars and aged just 2

one day she suddenly attacked Elsa after a walk, unprovoked, injured her very seriously,

and we opted to have Mollie put to sleep.

She had all sorts of problems directly due to her upbringing and she could not safely be re-homed.

Today, I know more and would probably have persevered, but dog training has moved on a lot since the 80s and 90s.

"Emma" 1999 - 2012

Scarholme Genna

Golden Retriever

Emma stayed with my ex husband when I got divorced and she lived a long life.

Emma was named after Jenna as she was born the day after Jenna died,

and looked very much like her.

Emma was very soft and friendly and a perfect family pet,

but was never much interested in obedience!

My children loved her.

"Leo" 1988 -1997

(Yeo Legend)

Golden Retriever

Leo was my first UK bought Golden and my first Yeo dog, although

all my Goldens have had Yeo ancestors.

He was a very large dog. I made several mistakes with him obedience wise but

he did know quite a lot, and he was very much a guard dog.

He even could attack on command (and stop in time, of course !), and actually chased burglars off.

Yet he was one big softie and very loving.

Bonnie 1988 -1992

Cocker Spaniel

Yes my third dog was a Cocker Spaniel bitch.

Once in England I wanted two dogs, and one of them to be small.

I didn't realise there were so many unscrupulous breeders here, bought Bonnie

from a newspaper advert and ended up with a dog with what used to be described as Cocker rage -

one moment she was friendly, the next she would attack.

In the end we had to have her put to sleep when my first child started crawling.


"Jesper" 1984-1995

(Oxundas Undeniable Urban)

Golden Retriever

Jesper was born on the day that Master died.

He was born in Sweden but followed me to England.

Jesper  started my

interest in obedience, and my love for dark coloured Goldens.

"Master" 1979-1984

(Gildas Old English One)

Golden Retriever

Master was my very first dog, in Sweden, a rescued Golden that came to me aged 1.

Sadly he died aged only 4. He started my love for Goldens.