Marianne Brett (Goldmali) is a Kennel Club Assured Breeder that has been inspected and passed by the KC.

Page last updated : 27th of February 2017

Papillon puppies. One male available.

"SIRIUS" (nickname -can be changed) Registered name Goldmali Moon River
Black/white male Papillon d.o.b. 23rd December 2016. Ready to go from 10th of March 2017.
Sire: Goldmali Joyride (Mickey)
Dam: Wishful Trixie Girl
DNA clear for PRA1 by parentage (states in KC reg)
Both parents patella checked
Microchipped, fully vaccinated, KC registered (NOT for breeding or export), wormed, 4 weeks insurance etc.
Reared in busy household, used to all normal household noises, bigger dogs, cats and my 2 year old grandson.

Sirius is looking for a special pet home where he will be much loved, or where he might do agility or anything else similar. 750.

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Malinois puppies due first week of March.
Sire: Goldmali King of Hearts "Rex" (Eye tested clear Nov. 2016, hip score 13)
Dam: Goldmali Imagine "Ritzy" (Eye tested clear Nov. 2016, hip score 12)
Roughly 65 % showlines 35 % working lines.

I have a pretty full waiting list for these pups but if any ends up available I will post details here.



I am currently suffering from various mental health problems, in particular panic, anxiety and agoraphobia. This has meant that I am unable to talk on the phone, and I am currently finding it difficult to reply to e-mails. I DO and WILL reply to e-mails from puppy buyers old and new, but it may take me a month or so to reply. For a quick reply, please friend me on Facebook and send me a private message there. I find this a lot easier. For anything urgent, please feel free to telephone and speak to my husband JOHN as he can relay messages. 01427-848348.

Marianne Brett

 e-mail: marianne@goldmali.co.uk

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I am VERY vigilant when it comes to selecting suitable homes

for ANY pups. The Malinois is not a breed for the novice,

OR a tough breed to just show off with!

I will only consider anyone who has dog experience of active breeds for Malinois pups, is interested in

training and will keep their dog active -but

I also want to see the dog considered a family member.

All pups are sold endorsed not for breeding or export.

These endorsements can be discussed later on but I will only sell a bitch or dog for breeding under

certain circumstances.

All pups of course sold KC registered and microchipped, come with 4 weeks

puppy insurance available free, some food etc.

Used to cats and well socialised.