Page last updated : 9th of January 2020


I'm sorry to say I have taken the decision to not breed any more Papillons.

Malinois puppies
There is a litter of Malinois puppies planned for spring/summer 2020.
Sire will be SANTEE (Santee Sioux at Goldmali), who has sired wonderful pups before.
Santee is red, 100 % showlines. Hips 5/6, elbows 0, eyes tested clear up to date, DNA negative for

SDCA1 and SDCA2.
Assuming all the above mentioned tests come back good for RILEY as well
(Goldmali Name of the Game, booked for all tests Jan.2020)
she will be the dam. Riley is a pale fawn carrying grey, 32.5 % working lines, 67.5 % show lines.

Further details to be added but I do have a waiting list quickly filling up.

For anyone wanting information about the Belgian Shepherd Dog Malinois, this site gives you the answers:

I am suffering from various mental health problems, in particular panic, anxiety and agoraphobia since 2015.
This has meant that I am unable to talk on the phone, and I am currently finding it difficult to reply to e-mails.
I DO and WILL reply to e-mails from puppy buyers old and new, but it may take me a month or so to reply.
For a quicker reply, please friend me on Facebook and send me a private message there. I find this a lot easier.
For anything urgent, please feel free to telephone and speak to my husband JOHN as he can relay messages. 01427-848348.


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(3 Papillon puppies were born here 27th of January 2010 to Abby who we then had on breeding terms.

It was not a Goldmali litter but a Spinillons for Jo but I count it as the E litter anyway

and we kept Spinillons ELLA Goldmali.)

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I am VERY vigilant when it comes to selecting suitable homes

for ANY pups.

The Malinois is not a breed for the novice,

OR a tough breed to just show off with!

I will only consider anyone who has dog experience of active breeds for Malinois pups, is interested in

training and will keep their dog active -but

I also want to see the dog considered a family member.

Papillon pups make excellent pets but they do like to be kept active too!

All pups are sold endorsed not for breeding or export.

These endorsements can be discussed later on but I will only sell a bitch or dog for breeding under

certain circumstances.

All pups of course sold KC registered and microchipped, come with 4 weeks

puppy insurance available free, some food etc.

Used to cats and well socialised.

Look at the links to previous litters to see how our pups are reared - no kennels since 2008.