Marianne and John Brett live in South Yorkshire, England.

(Or rather right at the borders of Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire, in lovely rural surroundings. We moved here in April 2007.)

Marianne was born in Sweden but moved to England in 1988,

John has always lived in Yorkshire.

We have both kept and bred animals for most of our lives,

of a large variety ranging from worms to dogs and sheep. Marianne is a past show judge of hamsters, fancy rats and mice.

We used to breed and show the Blondbella Persian and Exotic cats for 25 years but retired from breeding cats in 2014,

now we concentrate fully on the Goldmali Malinois and Papillons.

Marianne                                       John

We breed for TEMPERAMENT, HEALTH and BREED TYPE in equal measures.
A dog has to be healthy, have the correct temperament AND still be able to look like its breed.
In Malinois we have for the past few years been mixing showlines and working lines to get the best of both worlds -we believe
there should not need to be a split between show type and working type, a good dog should have it all. It's a work in progress, but we do our best.

Marianne is a Kennel Club Assured Breeder and we passed our inspection by the KC in May 2015 and in May 2018.

We both have (adult) children that all are animal mad, and Marianne has a grandson born to Melanie and her husband Kallum in February 2015, and a granddaughter born in August 2017.
Most of our family have helped out at shows, with Melanie handling regularly in the showring until she became a mother (handling both our breeds), Benjamin is still handling (both breeds), and
both Melanie and Benjamin have taken part in training classes and passed the different levels of the Kennel Club's Good Citizen Dog Scheme
awards, with an assortment of Papillons.

 Melanie                                              Benjamin

(Handling at Crufts as teenagers)

Marianne writes the breed notes for Malinois in OUR DOGS.

Marianne has in the past worked as a veterinary nurse, dog groomer and kennel maid, and is the author of

several books on pet care:


*GULDHAMSTERN (Swedish), ICA 1986. (As Marianne Bornhult)

(As Marianne Mays:)






(The "Your First" books now known as "HOW TO CARE FOR..")

*PERSIAN CATS, Kingdom 1996



*WORLD OF CATS, Gramercy 1999




 Marianne does have several mental health problems that make life complicated, being unable to make or receive phonecalls, go outside on her own, be alone at home for more than short periods at time etc,
so she is now classified as disabled, with John being her carer. Thankfully, Marianne finds dog people the easiest to feel relaxed with -and of course animals!

Our animals are first and foremost family members.

The dogs mainly live indoors although most of the stud dogs (Malinois only) have to live in kennels for practical reasons.
Puppies are ALWAYS reared indoors as part of the family and are never kenneled. They get used to all household noises, cats, adult dogs, children and adults.

The indoor cats have a safely enclosed run to go out in.

They are not allowed outside otherwise -it is too dangerous.

The majority of the dogs do or have at some point attended training classes.

In total Marianne has passed, with a lot of different dogs, 55 different Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog tests, ranging from Bronze to Gold, since the first Bronze with Rufus in 1995.
Melanie and Benjamin have passed 11 GC tests, making the family total 66 as of March 2018.

Dandy, Ripley and Arnie (all now gone) competed and were placed in obedience although at low levels.

  Marianne doesn't particularly enjoy handling the dogs at shows so John does most of the handling (realising his dream of running through the arch into the big ring at Crufts in 2010
when he took Best of Breed with Ripley).
All four of us -Marianne, John, Melanie and Benjamin- have handled at Crufts. Melanie and Benjamin were both 14 years old the first times they handled a dog at Crufts.
Mickey the Papillon is Marianne's VERY spoilt favourite, and nobody else is allowed to handle him at shows!

We have bred many show winning dogs of both breeds as well as dogs competing successfully in obedience, agility, working trials, scentwork trials, flyball,
and professional dogs such as security dogs, the UK's only current Malinois PAT dog, a cadaver dog, search and rescue dogs, an assistance dog.
In 2012, 2013 and 2014 Goldmali were the second most successful breeders of Malinois in the showring in the UK.

(In no particular order and not by any means a complete list!)
RIPLEY - Champion Sabrefield Zimply Zuper. Ripley was our first Malinois and foundation bitch, bred by Liz Richardson of the famous Sabrefield kennels.
Ripley is to date the only Malinois ever to have gained her Champion title AT Crufts, where she won Best of Breed in 2010. ALL Goldmali Malinois are descended from her.


TANNI - Goldmali Brown Sugar ShCM. Owned by Janice Tyers, Tanni was only the second ever Malinois to gain the Show Certificate of Merit title.
She has also won 2 CCs and 3 RCCs at shows, and an all breed Best in Show at an Open show.


BLISS - Goldmali Kiss From A Rose. Owned by Christine Smith, Bliss won an all breed Best Puppy in Show in 2015, she has gained her Flyball Dog,
Flyball Dog Intermediate and Flyball Dog Graduate awards, and was the TOP Malinois for 2017 in the British Flyball Association.


HETTY - Goldmali Lucky Star, owned by Ella. Hetty is currently the ONLY Malinois PAT Dog (Pets As Therapy) in the UK. She is also a scentwork dog trained to
police dog standards, as well as a flyball dog and many other roles -the most important being as her owner's best friend.


ZELDA - Goldmali Kalinka. Owned by Karen Denton, Zelda (Malinois) is the first dog of any breed to win a Level 7 Scentwork UK trial.


BARLEY- Goldmali Only You. Owned by Karen Denton, Barley (Malinois) won her first Scentwork UK trial (level 1) at just 18 weeks of age, and has recently (March 2018) won
Level 4 aged 8 months. She passed her Good Citizen Gold test the day afetr she was old enough to take it.


MEEMEE- Canadian Champion Spinillons Goldmali Had To Be Me. Owned by Lorraine Nelligan, Meemee in Canada is the first Papillon Champion bred by Goldmali.


OLMEC - Goldmali Gideon (Papillon). Gained his Flyball Dog award and competed regularly in flyball. Such a pity his owner decided to not keep her dogs and handed
him over to rescue without telling me!


ZARA - Goldmali Cherish. Owned by Alison Pell, Zara (Malinois) competes in obedience class C and agility grade 6, and has compted in the inter regional
and world cup obedience at Crufts.


ASPEN - Goldmali Fire With Fire. Owned by Thea Jellicoe, Aspen broke BOTH his frontlegs in an accident and required extensive surgery, yet is now competing in working trials.


TAIMA- Goldmali Flashdance. Owned by Thea Jellicoe, with 2 CCs and 8 RCCs Taima is the Malinois who has won the highest number of Reserve CCs in the UK.


FEN - Goldmali Kite (Malinois). The first Goldmali to be trained as an assistance dog, although he has not yet (due to circumstances beyond the owner's control)
gained his official certification. Yes Fen can open and shut doors, fill the washing machine, empty the tumble dryer, pick up anything you drop etc etc.


REGGIE - Goldmali Flash CD ex. Owned by Christine Merritt, Reggie was part of the Essex Dog Display Team (retired in 2017) touring the country, and was seen on TV in Countryfile Live,
 as well as in a programme about dogs with Jeremy Kyle, where Reggie was sent to attack Mr Kyle on command -and then to stop, of course.
Reggie competes in working trials and has gained his CD Ex qualification.


FIONN - Goldmali By Your Side. Owned by Sarah Liddy, Fionn has had a long agility career (level 6) and was still competing fit and healthy aged 11.