For anyone wanting information about the Belgian Shepherd Dog Malinois, this site gives you the answers:
If you still have questions, please feel free to ask me.

Since 2015 I have been suffering from various mental health problems, in particular panic, anxiety and agoraphobia.
This has meant that I am unable to talk on the phone, and I am sometimes finding it difficult to reply to e-mails.
I DO and WILL reply to e-mails from puppy buyers old and new, or anyone just wanting Malinois or Papillon advice,
but it may take me a month or so to reply.
  You can friend me on Facebook and send me a private message there, or via Messenger.
I find this a lot easier.  HOWEVER as I will not know who you are, it would help if you sent
an e-mail as well so that I know why to accept the friend request.
For anything urgent, please feel free to telephone and speak to my husband JOHN as he can relay messages. 01427-848348.

Marianne Brett