OUR "PET" DOGS - not pedigree dogs
(But all our dogs are pets!)

Lots of Love Goldmali "LOTTIE"
Miniature Parti Poodle bitch
D.o.b. 17th July 2018
Lottie loves everyone -all dogs, all humans, all other animals, even flies.
She's my absolute dream dog that I waited 52 years for!
I never thought I'd get as close to another dog as I was to my first Malinois Ripley,
but I did. It just wasn't another Mali!


Cassis Pearl "PEARL"
Crossbreed bitch (rescue) d.o.b. 21st of May 2018
12 inches tall
Lottie's best friend and a fun little pocket rocket

Working line Malinois bitch born 2014

Cassie is a total, utter nut case without an off switch.
She's very good at showing people why having a working Malinois as a pet is NOT a good idea!
But she is also very loyal and loving and she had a tough time before she came here.