OUR "PET" DOGS - not showdogs
(But extra special!)

Lots of Love Goldmali "LOTTIE"
Miniature Parti Poodle bitch
D.o.b. 17th July 2018
Lottie loves everyone -all dogs, all humans, all other animals, even flies.
She's my absolute dream dog that I waited 52 years for!
I never thought I'd get as close to another dog as I was to my first Malinois Ripley,
but I did. It just wasn't another Mali!


Cassis Pearl "PEARL"
Crossbreed bitch (rescue) d.o.b. 21st of May 2018
12 inches tall
Lottie's best friend and a fun little pocket rocket


Papillon bitch d.o.b. 10/9 2020
Mismarked Tricolour but very wellbred indeed
A happier little dog you would never find!

Lottie, Polly and Fen
An unusual trio of dogs and very special

And then POPPY (left) and PONTUS (right) arrived on the 11th of July 2021
(along with their 3 littermates).
Lottie's puppies! Pictured at 8 weeks. These two just had to stay.
Miniature Parti Poodles; black/white and apricot/white