21/5 2002 - 30/1 2020


"Maligold" (ACCIDENTAL mating Golden x Malinois) spayed bitch, d.o.b. 21st of May 2002

Sire: Yeo Rondo Dam: Sabrefield Zimply Zuper

KC Good Citizen Puppy, Bronze and Silver awards.

My daughter Rebecca's funny card about Matilda. All her own work -card and ratings!

Matilda is seldom seen without her brother -she is very close to both him and their mother Ripley.


Matilda was the result of an accidental mating between Dandy and Ripley -

the entire story can be read on the pages about the Maligolds.

There will of course be no more accidents and Matilda is neutered.

Matilda has a Golden Retriever body, but a Malinois like head.

She's very shy and very loving. Originally, only Arnie was meant to stay with us, but the home

for Matilda fell through. The next few people that expressed an interest in her all

turned out to be unsuitable so were turned down, and at 12 weeks of age we

decided that Matilda was to stay with us.

She went to training classes and got as far as her KC Good Citizen Silver award,

but as she never enjoyed training we stopped taking her after she had passed her Silver.

In May 2008 she beame a canine bood donor.


This is PROBABLY Matilda, a few days old.

Arnie and Matilda in the middle.

10 weeks old.

Matilda 4 months old.

4 months old.

Arnie and Matilda 18 months old.

April 2006.

Matilda July 2006

Matilda after having donated blood for the first time, May 2008. She was extremely good.

May 2008 during a walk

August 2009 (7 years old)

Playing with Simba

Matilda (right) and Arnie on their 12th birthday, 21st of May 2014.

13 years and 9 months old

Matilda, left, with her brother Arnie on their 14th birthday

Matilda, left, with Arnie on their 15th birthday.

Matilda on her 16th birthday -the last of the Maligolds.

Matilda on her 17th birthday in 2019.
She lived for another 8 months.