16th of December: LKA championship show. Rona 1st in both PG bitch and Good Citizen bitch.

November: We receive the news that Alison Pell and Zara (G. Cherish) have won their third and final obedience class B and will now compete in class C in future.
The first Goldmali to work class C! They have also qualified for grade 5 in agility!

18th of November: We welcome home Papillon Spinillons Classic Calee from breeder Jo Davidson-Poston who is co-owner. See Calee's own page HERE

11th of November: Judith's Olmec (Goldmali Gideon) competes in Open class Flyball for the first time, having recently turned 18 months.

4th of November:
Peanut takes VHC in Special Beginners Dog at the Northern & Eastern Counties Papillon Championship show.

28th of October: Thea's Aspen (Goldmali Fire With Fire) takes Reserve Best Dog at Midland Counties Championship show.

27th of October: Melanie moved Harry and Angel in to her new house

21st of October: Rona wins Open Bitch, Best Bitch and Best of Breed at the Northern Belgian Shepherd Club's Open show.
Judge Colin Munro wrote a lovely critique later which in part said "Fabulous by name and fabulous by nature" -wasn't that lovely!
Dot was entered in PG and took second, her very first show, also with good critique but she needs some more ring practice.

22nd of September: We welcomed home Ripley's newest granddaughter CYMRY PENNY WISE GOLDMALI, 8 weeks old!
Penny was bred by Janice Tyers and is the daughetr of Tanni (Goldmali Brown Sugar ShCM) to a working police dog (Jotunheim Urak).
See Penny's page

16th of September: Peanut 3rd in PG Dog at Darlington Championship show -that is a Crufts qualification.

15th of September: Rona Best Bitch and Best of Breed at Darlington Championship show.

25th of August: The National Belgian Shepherd Specialty in France -the world's biggest BSD show. Luta (Casyka's Ituha) gains second in Open Dog,
and his daughter Goldmali Flashdance WINS Intermediate Bitch!!
Thea also won Junior Bitch with her Gisele and takes best young Malinois with her.
Well done Thea, 3 top placings at the most special breed show!

5th of August: Northern Belgian Shepherd Dog Club Championship show. Ripley's very last show -she is now retired. Again graded Excellent and 2nd in Veteran Bitch.
 Rona graded Excellent, placed 1st in PG Bitch and then awarded the Reserve Bitch CC! Our MOD reject has done good !!
(Judge: Sonny Ström from Sweden.) Ripley has passed the Olympic torch to her granddaughter who will now, hopefully, carry on in granny's footsteps.
Photo of Ripley and Rona with their medals. ("Excellent" ones from Norbel, plus Rona's 1st in class from BSDA.)

4th of August: Belgian Shepherd Dog Association Championship show. Rona graded Excellent, placed 1st in PG Bitch. Ripley Graded Excellent
but only 2nd in Veteran Bitch.
Luta graded Excellent, placed 1st in Limit Dog and then awarded the Reserve CC.
Thea's Taima (Goldmali Flashdance) graded Excellent, placed 1st in Limit Bitch and also awarded the Reserve CC. Judge: Erik Desschans from Belgium.

25th of July: Janice Tyers' Goldmali Brown Sugar ShCM gives birth to 7 puppies.

14th of July: National Working & Pastoral breeds Championship show. Rona 1st in PG.

24th of June: Blackpool Championship show cancelled due to the weather.

23rd of June: Janice Tyers' Goldmali Brown Sugar BOB at Carmarthen CS Open show.

16-17th of June: Alison Pell and Goldmali Cherish (Zara) win into grade 4 Agility in both the UK and Ireland at the same weekend!

16th of June: Judith Barritt's Goldmali Gideon (Olmec) competes in his first ever flyball competition at Epworth, see video below!

30th of May: Rona (Goldmali Fabulous, Malinois) passes her KC Good Citizen Bronze test, and Monty (Lorphil Loxley, Cavalier) passes his Silver test.

27th of May: Bath Championship show. Thea Jellicoe's Goldmali Flashdance  Reserve Bitch CC.

11th of May: Birmingham National Dog Show. Thea Jellicoe's Goldmali Flashdance (Taima) takes the Bitch CC!
(Aged 18 months, after her previous 3 Reserve CCs.) Our Rona (G. Fabulous) is beaten by her littersister Taima to 2nd place in PG but is called back in
 for consideration in the bitch challenge which was very nice, even though she did not take the reserve in the end.
In any event Rona has now qualified for Crufts. This was her very first show.

21st of April: Working & Pastoral Breeds Association of Wales Championship show. Very small entry of 4 but Janice Tyers' Goldmali Brown Sugar ShCM (below)
takes BB & BOB, with Casyka's Ituha BD.

15th of April: Happy 12th birthday Ripley!

14th of April:
For a change we went to a local fun dog show. Molly won Best Puppy in Show, Ripley won Best AV Pastoral, Abby won Best AV Toy.
Then they had fun in the novelty classes, Abby winning 3rd out of 14 in prettiest bitch and Ripley 2nd out of 7 in veteran.

6th of April Good Friday: Goldmali Gabriel, Papillon, took Best Puppy and then Puppy Group 4 at Tweedmouth CS Open show!

Early April: Alison Pell and Zara (G. Cherish) went filming with Gillian Anderson of X-Files fame! Zara is playing a police dog tracking a criminal in forthcoming murder mystery
"The Fall" to be shown on TV!

29th of March: Not a highlight but incredibly sad news. My dad is gone. I went home to Sweden to see him a last time but arrived just a few hours too late.

18th of March: Janice Tyers' Goldmali Brown Sugar ShCM competed at the South Wales Dog of the Year competition.
She won her first two rounds then was beaten by the eventual overall winner.

17th of March: West Torrington & DCS. Ripley BOB. Rio and Z both eye tested clear.

10th of March: CRUFTS 2012. Great day again! Ripley won 1st (for the fourth year running, aged almost 12) in both Veteran Bitch and Good Citizen Bitch.
 Luta won 1st in Limit Dog and was 3rd in Open Dog. Taima (Goldmali Flashdance, owned by Thea) won 1st in Special Junior Bitch AND 1st in Post Graduate Bitch
 AND the Reserve Bitch CC!
This was Taima's third RCC and she is still just 16 months old.
It was also the third year running we had one of the major breed awards at Crufts.

Taima and Thea

Taima (Goldmali Flashdance)

Luta (Casyka's Ituha) and Thea

Ripley (Ch Sabrefield Zimply Zuper) and John
As it was Ripley's TENTH Crufts we celebrated with a cake!

Goldmali Cherish (Zara) and owner Alison Pell represented Northern Ireland in Obedience class B in the inter regional obedience, and although Zara broke her down stay
 (she thought she was being called as somebody whistled) I felt they did really well.
Link to video of Zara working at Crufts 2012

February: Tanni (Goldmali Brown Sugar ShCM) invited to compete in South Wales Dog of the year!

4th of February: Newark & District CS Open show. Ripley Best of Breed.

8th of January 2012:
Boston Championship show. Peanut 2nd in GC Dog, Molly VHC in Minor Puppy Bitch.