28th of December:  Papillon Spinillons Goldmali Had To Be Me takes Best of Breed and Puppy Group 1 for owner Lorraine Nelligan in Canada. For the second time this month!!

14th of December: As Rona had just been mated she could not go to LKA, and Rio was out of coat so she too stayed at home. Penny took 1st in Junior Bitch for Benjamin.

8th of December: Bridlington CS Open show. Molly 2nd of 5 in Open (handled by Benjamin), Calee 3rd. Penny 2nd in AVNSC Junior and also in Junior Handling, handled by Benjamin.

6th of December: Papillon Spinillons Goldmali Had To Be Me takes Best of Breed and Puppy Group 1 for owner Lorraine Nelligan in Canada.

10th of November:
Alison Pell and Zara (Goldmali Cherish) took part in the ABC Novice Large agility semi finals at Discover Dogs.
 They had qualified with the highest points for the semis. Unfortunately Zara initially slipped on the astro turf in the Jumping round and so did not manage to qualify
for the finals, but she did get placed 4th in the Agility round. They are now working agility grade 6 as well as obedience C!

2nd of November: Janice Tyers' Tanni (Goldmali Brown Sugar ShCM) takes Best AVNSC at the

Llanelli open show. Alison Pell and Zara (Goldmali Cherish) wins obedience class C for the first time at the Glandore Obedience show .

24th of October: 3rd birthday of the F litter. Aspen (Goldmali Fire With Fire, owned by Thea) celebrates by winning Best Dog at Midland Counties Championship show,
and sister Rona (G. Fabulous) wins
Reserve Best Bitch.

25th of September: Rona passes her Silver AND Gold Good Citizen tests, Monty passes Gold,
and Melanie with Harry passes Bronze AND Silver and Melanie and Peanut pass Gold.

14th of September. Darlington Championship show (without tickets available) RIO wins Best of Breed and Best Veteran.
Rona 1st OB, Penny 1st JB. Penny then went to the Good Citizen ring and passed her Bronze certificate.

7th of September: Richmond Championship show. Penny 1st in Junior (of 1), Rio 2nd in Veteran (of 2) and Rona 1st in Limit (of 2),
then she takes
Best Bitch, Best of Breed and wins the single CC!

28th of August: Penny's hip score is back as 5/6 =11.

24th of August: Wath, West Melton & District CS open show. Rona Best of Breed (out of 4).

17th of August: Welsh KC championship show. Janice Tyers' Goldmali Brown Sugar ShCM ("Tanni", mother of Penny) wins her second CC!
Benjamin handling Penny to 2nd of 4 in Junior Bitch. Rona 2nd of 3 in Limit Bitch. Fame 3rd of 4 in PG Bitch.
Luta 1st in Limit Dog.
Also well done to Ripley's granddaughters Gheluvelt Amphora Gold 1st in PGB and Gheluvelt Amazing Grace 1st in LB (Chris and Steve Bennett.)

So now we have 2 Goldmali bitches on 2 CCs each (Brown Sugar and Flashdance), as well as Luta the dog (Casyka's Ituha)  also on 2 CCs.
Oh dear -too much excitement, each needs one more CC for their Champion title..... and the 2013 show season is almost over.
We have to keep fingers and paws crossed for next year.

10th of August: Bournemouth Championship show. Rona 1st in Limit Bitch, Rio 2nd in Veteran Bitch, Penny 3rd in Junior Bitch. Fun on the beach afterwards!!

3rd of August: BSDA championship show. Rona and Fame both graded Excellent; Rona 3rd in Limit Bitch, Fame 2nd in PG Bitch. Taima (G. Flashdance) also graded Excellent,
2nd in LB. Dad Luta Excellent and 1st in LD. Rio 2nd in Veteran Bitch and Penny 3rd in Junior Bitch (both graded Very Good because of their ears)
plus 2nd in Junior Handling with Benjamin.

28th of July: Joint Papillon clubs championship show.  Molly 2nd in Special Beginners bitch, handled by Benjamin.

20th of July: was a cat show, and I'm pleased to say Sunrise took Best of Variety Persian -that's like winning the group for a dog. Similar to open show.

13th of July: National Working & Pastoral Breeds Championship show. No results to really shout about -and our van broke down. Penny 2nd in her last puppy class,
Rona 1st in Limit, Rio 2nd in Veteran, but Best Veteran was Penny's mother Tanni owned by Janice Tyers -Goldmali Brown Sugar ShCM.

6th of July: Fun show at Teamwork Training. Melanie's Angel 2nd in "Happiest Dog", Happy 1st in "Dog the judge would like to take home" and Angel 2nd.
 Angel 1st in "Prettiest Bitch" and Happy 3rd. Ripley (handled by BENJAMIN!) 1st in "Best condition veteran".

5th of July: East of England Championship show. Not great results today, but Penny was Best Puppy again -out of one though!

23rd of June: Blackpool Championship show. Penny Best Puppy and Reserve Best Bitch, Rona 2nd in Open.

15th of June: NORBEL Championship show. Penny Best Puppy, Rona 2nd in Limit, Taima (G. Flashdance, owned by Thea) 1st in Limit and
Reserve Bitch CC -this her 7th making her the Malinois with the largest number of RCCs won,
 Rio 1st in Veteran Bitch, Fame 1st in Post Graduate Bitch. Benjamin and Penny 2nd in Junior Handling.

19th of May: For a more relaxing day than usual, we went to a local fun dog show where Benjamin handled Penny to 1st out of 4 in Puppy
and Molly to 2nd out of 8 in dog aged 2-7.

18th of May: Okay this should be on the cat website only really, but we went to the GCCF World Cat Championship show and came back home
with two new Champions and one Imperial Certificate winner!

17th of May: Goldmali Flashdance ("Taima", owned by Thea Jellicoe) Bitch CC and BOB at Scottish Kennel Club championship show.
One more CC to go now -fingers and paws crossed!

11th of May: Birmingham National. Luta 1st Limit Dog, Rona 1st Limit Bitch, Rio 1st Veteran Bitch (her first time out as a veteran).
There was only one dog in each of their classes though!

9th of May: Rona's hip score comes back as 6/4 = 10.

21st of April: Olmec (Goldmali Gideon) wins a 2nd place rosette in flyball for Judith.

20th of April: We went to the "All about dogs" show at Newark, and entered several dogs in the fun dog show.
In "Coolest pup" there were no less than 56 entries (!!), and Calee placed 3rd for Melanie.
Benjamin handled Penny in the same class, they were unplaced but WHAT an achievement for a 13 year old to handle a Malinois
(who kept giving him nice show stands) in a class of 56 dogs !! Says a lot about Penny's temperament and how good Benjamin is with dogs.
I am very proud of both Melanie and Benjamin who are doing so many shows with us now.

14th of April: Mountsorrel & DCS Open show. Benjamin handled Molly in PG and was placed 3rd out of 8.

7th of April: BSDA Open show. Rona 1st in PG (her last PG entry as she has now won out.) Benjamin (aged 13) handled Penny in Junior Handling and got a first.
His first time handling a Malinois!

17th of March: Goldmali Gideon "OLMEC" wins his first rosette in flyball! Owner/trainer Judith Barritt.

16th of March: West Torrington & DCS Open show. Penny 1st in Junior and Best Puppy, Rio 1st in Graduate, Rona 1st in Open and Best Of Breed, Z 2nd in Open.
Rio, Rona and Z all eye tested clear.

8-10th of March: Another great CRUFTS!
We showed Peanut, we spent a day manning the Malinois breed booth in Discover Dogs with Rio and Penny, and of course we showed Malinois.

Malinois results:
Our co-owned SR CASYKA'S ITUHA (IMP NL) "Luta" won 1st in Limit Dog and then took the DOG CC under French Judge Mme Berton-Sarlat.
He beat the breed record holder for this!

GOLDMALI FABULOUS "Rona" won 1st in Post Graduate Bitch and 1st in Good Citizen Bitch (following in granny Ripley's fotosteps).
She then took the RESERVE BITCH CC.

Rona's sister, owned by Thea Jellicoe who co-owns Luta with us, GOLDMALI FLASHDANCE "Taima" won 1st in Limit Bitch.
Also Janice Tyers' Goldmali Brown Sugar ShCM  "Tanni" was VHC out of 8 in Open Bitch.
Not forgetting, a HUGE well done to Thea who took BOB with her French import Gisele!

We've now had at least one of the main Malinois winners at Crufts 4 years in a row. (Ripley BOB 2010, Tanni RCC 2011, Taima RCC 2012, Luta CC and Rona RCC 2013.)

Also, Alison Pell with Zara (GOLDMALI CHERISH) competed in obedience class B for Northern Ireland in the inter regional obedience.
Alison and Zara came 2nd in class B overall, only beaten by a quarter of a point!

Photo of John and Rona by Nick Ridley

Sr Casyka's Ituha at Crufts 2013. Photo by Sue Brown.

John and Rona in the bitch challenge

Melanie showing Peanut at Crufts

Melanie and Peanut, photo by Nick Ridley

Benjamin and Penny did a day in Discover Dogs. Photo by Nick Ridley

28th of February: A nice birthday present for me -Abby had 3 Papillon puppies! Sorry none will be available for sale. Photos will follow.

17th of February: Matlock & District CS Open show. Calee 1st  in Junior
(of 4, beating adults) plus Best Puppy. Penny Best Puppy and Reserve Best of Breed. Rona Best of Breed.

9th of February: Less good show for us! National Working & Pastoral Open. Rona and Penny both 2nd.
3rd of February: Pontefract CS Open show. Calee Best Puppy. Molly (handled by Benjamin) 1st in PG. Peanut (handled by Melanie) 1st in open and Best of Breed.

26th of January: Lichfield CS Open show. Penny's first show where she takes Best Puppy and Rona takes Best of Breed.

18th of January: Manchester Championship show. Little Calee's first show. She takes 2nd in Minor Puppy Bitch (of 5) and has therefore qualified for Crufts 2014 already.