HIGHLIGHTS and very much LOWLIGHTS OF 2014:

13th of December: LKA. No great results, Rona was out of coat but Mats got a first in GC for Benjamin. Mats and Rona both eye tested clear.

30th of November: Benjamin and Molly take BOB at Bridlington Open show. Judith showed Happy for the first time, she was second.

24th of October: SANTEE arrives. See his own page: Santee Sioux at Goldmali

19th of October: Molly passes her Good Citizen SILVER test, trained by Benjamin. Ritzy passes her Silver, aged just 8 months. Penny passed Gold. And Melanie passed Gold with both her Papillons Angel and Harry.

5th of October: BSDA Open show. Rona Reserve Best Bitch.

18th of September: Driffield Championshow show. Only us entered again! Rona Best Bitch and Best of Breed, Ritzy Best Puppy and Reserve Best Bitch, Mats Best Dog.

14th of September: We went to a local fun dog show, where Benjamin and Mats won 1st in "Dog most like its owner", Benjamin and Calee won 1st in "Prettiest bitch" and Benjamin and Matilda won 1st in "Best Veteran".

13th of September: Darlington Championship show. Again only us -Rona, Mats and Ritzy.
This time Ritzy took Best Puppy, Best Bitch and Best of Breed!
Many thanks to judge and breed specialist Kathy Bird for thinking so highly of our pup. Mats was BD and Rona RBB.

Ritzy with her rosettes

On the same day Judith Barritt's Olmec (Goldmali Gideon) won a first in flyball!

6th of September: Richmond Championship show. Only our Ritzy, Rona and Mats entered plus Ritzy's sister Petra owned by Judy and David Cloutt.
 Nice to see the two Grey sisters back together -even if Ritzy wasn't all that bothered by meeting Petra again!
Mats was Best Dog, Rona Best Bitch and Best of Breed, Petra was Best Puppy and Reserve Best Bitch.

Ritzy with pink lead, Petra with black.

31st of August: Good Citizen tests at dog training. Benjamin and Molly passed Bronze, I passed Bronze with Mats and Ritzy and Silver with Penny,
and Melanie passed Bronze and Silver with her Papillon Angel.

16th of August: Welsh Kennel Club Championship show. Ritzy's first show! She was the only puppy so obviously took Best Puppy, but got plenty of nice comments.
 Mats 2nd in Junior Dog. Rona 1st in Limit Bitch (of 3) and then she took the
Bitch CC!
She now has 2 CCs and 3 RCCs and just needs that final third CC to gain her Champion title.

The Bitch Challenge was wonderful to watch and I regret not taking my camera. Out of 5 class winners, one was Ripley's daughter (Goldmali Brown Sugar ShCM),
 two were her granddaughters (Gheluvelt Amazing Grace and of course Rona -Goldmali Fabulous)
and one was her great granddaughter (Ritzy -Goldmali Imagine). Ripley lives on in her family.

10th of August: Bournemouth Championship show. Mats 1st in Junior Dog, Rona 1st in Limit Bitch. Rona then took the Reserve Bitch CC.

2nd of August: BSDA Championship show. Rona was in season so had to stay at home. Mats placed 2nd but graded Excellent.

12th of July: National Working & Pastoral Breeds championship show. Mats 2nd, Rona 2nd again. Out of two! Ooops.

5th of July: East of England Championship show. Only seconds today for both Mats and Rona.

28th of June: Windsor Championship show. Mats Best Dog and Best of Breed, Rona Best Opposite Sex.

22nd of June: Blackpool Championship show. Mats Best Dog and Best Opposite Sex, handled by Benjamin. Rona Reserve Best Bitch.
21st of June: Northern BSD Club Championship show. Mats 1st in Junior and Graded Excellent. 2nd in Junior Handling with Benjamin. Rona and Rio only managed seconds.

7th of July: Beverley CS Open show. Mats 1st in Junior AVNSC, handled by Benjamin for the first time. Calee Best of Breed Papillon.
5th of July: We missed the 3 Counties show due to the van breaking down again, just 9 miles from home.

1st of June: Southern Counties Championship show. Mats Best Dog and Best Opposite Sex. Rona Reserve Best Bitch.

17th of May: The long and early (3 am start) journey to the Scottish KC Championship show was worthwhile!
Mats Van De Vaardekenshoeve at Goldmali (IMP BEL) won 1st in Junior Dog (of 2), then won Best Dog and the Dog CC,
then he beat the bitch winner to take Best of Breed! Only his third show ever aged 13 months, after just 2 months with us!
Thea's Goldmali Flashdance (Taima) won her 8th Reserve CC. Benjamin handled Penny to 2nd in PG and a Crufts qualification for next year.

On the same day over in Canada, Lorraine Nelligan's Spinillons Goldmali Had To Be Me became a CANADIAN CHAMPION! Mee Mee was bred by myself.

13th of May: Very sadly our newly mated Molly developed pyometra and had to be spayed. :(

11th of May: Mats' first Championship show; Birmingham National. 1st in Junior Dog and hence a Crufts qualification. However he was alone in his class.

16th of April: Monty the Cavalier left us to go and live with John's daughter Steph. Unfortunately the time had come to give up, as Monty really disliked old Bobby
 and had hurt him once too many times. Monty is very happy with Steph.

6th of April: BSDA open show with French judge Sophie Jouannet. Mats' first show after just one month with us, and his only show as a puppy
as it was the day before his first birthday. Mats 1st in Puppy Dog and Best Puppy in Breed -beating the Crufts RDCC winner.
 Graded Very Promising. Rio 1st in Veteran Bitch, graded Excellent. Benjamin and Penny 3rd in PG Bitch graded Good (well we know she has her faults)
and also 2nd in Junior Handling.

17th of March: My heart is broken. We had to say goodbye to Ripley. She would have turned 14 next month. There will never, ever be another dog like her.
She wasn't my dog in a million but rather in a BILLION. She changed my entire life.
Read her page here detailing just some of all she did: Ripley , and also the page about her travels: Travels with Ripley

The very last photo of Ripley, here with great granddaughter Ritzy

In the week following Ripley's passing, we had some unusually sudden and strong rainbows. I am sure they were greetings from Ripley on the Rainbow Bridge.

15th of March: West Torrington Open show. Benjamin and Penny 1st in Graduate, Rio 2nd in Open. Penny, Peanut and Molly all eye tested clear.

6th to 9th of March: CRUFTS. Well we didn't have as successful a Crufts as for the past few years, as we had to leave our best bitch at home with puppies (Rona)
and the best dog (Luta) was out of coat so not shown. But Crufts is always fun! On the Thursday, Melanie handled Z
(G. Bohemian Rhapsody, father of the pups) and they were awarded 1st in Veteran Dog and 1st in Good Citizen Dog.
There was however only one entry in each class.

 Benjamin handled Penny (Cymry Penny Wise Goldmali) and they were unplaced in PGB but came fourth in Good Citizen Bitch.

John handled Rio (G. Believe) and she was 4th in Veteran Bitch and 3rd in GC B. Thea's Taima (G.Flashdance) was 3rd in Open bitch (out of 9)
and Janice's Tanni (G.Brown Sugar ShCM) was 2nd in Veteran B.

Janice Tyers with Goldmali Brown Sugar ShCM "Tanni" (mum of Penny) and John with Goldmali Believe "Rio" -litter sisters one month shy of 8 years old in Veteran Bitch

It was also very nice to collect the BSDA yearbook and see that officially Goldmali again was the number 2 Malinois kennel in the UK, for 2013!

On the Friday John, Benjamin and I spent the day in Discover Dogs together with Rio and Penny -like last year. The dogs were tired but amazing -
to be touched by so many complete strangers over a full day and to just happily accept it no matter what people did
(some ask so nicely to stroke the dogs, others just shove their faces into the dogs' faces)
 -I am very proud of their temperaments.
Just like Ripley used to be in DD for so many years.
(The way the pen is designed, the dogs can CHOOSE if they want to be touched by somebody or not, as they can move out of reach.)

Saturday we were meant to show Calee but unfortunately she had come into season, so we stayed at home.
 Sunday we went without dogs just to shop, watch the Obedience World Cup and Best in Show!

2nd of March: John and I popped over to Belgium for the day -and brought back a Malinois! Welcome to MATS VAN DE VAARDEKENSHOEVE. 11 months old.

23rd of February, over in Canada: Spinillons Goldmali Had To Be Me - Mee Mee winning BOS  at the Woodstock & District Canine Association show

22nd of February: Newark & DCS open show. Rio takes another Best of Breed (beating a Champion!) with Penny as RBOB. Calee won 1st in PG.
Thanks Michelle Hulbert for the photos!

13th of February: We have puppies! Malinois puppies for the first time for over 3 years. Rona is a mum and Z a dad. Rona's puppies to Z

9th of February: And she does it again! Lorraine and MeeMee take another BP and BOB in Canada!

8th of February: Lorraine Nelligan's Spinillons Goldmali Had To Be Me (Papillon) wins Best Puppy and Best of Breed at a show in Canada.

9th of January: Boston championship show. Rio takes Best Bitch and Best of Breed with Penny Reserve Best Bitch.

Unfortunately there were only our dogs there today (Rio, Fame and Penny), the other two entries were absent.

7th of January: We were already sure, but Rona had a scan and is confirmed pregnant! Malinois puppies due around 14th of February.

4th of January: News that Alison Pell and Zara (Goldmali Cherish) will take part in the Obedience World Cup for Northern Ireland at Crufts. This will be on Sunday the 9th of March.