Goldmali pups (some all grown up, some not) in their new homes

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Thank you everyone who have sent me photos! Please keep it up! I have the most AMAZING puppy buyers, all of you!

2009 and 2010


2010 PHOTOS:

Goldmali Ash

Ash with his friend Max -how nice to have one grey and one red!


Goldmali Carrie "Ruby"


Goldmali Cherish "Zara" working -and winning -obedience class A.


Goldmali Brown Sugar "Tanni" after her Best in Show win



Here's Goldmali Careless Whisper "Axel", now aged 2


Goldmali Apple Of My Eye via Cookvale "Livvy" July 2010

2009 PHOTOS:

This handsome pair of brothers are

Goldmali Cool As Ice "Scip" and Goldmali Close To Me "Zeus"

and they are both working as security dogs for CASS security in Wiltshire.

As they live on an approved centre for training police dogs they have been trained to do work above and beyond just normal security work.
Scip is a sniffer dog whoended up doing drug sniffing AND cadaver work, and Zeus can do manwork. Both have been trained with patience, praise, sausages and toys!


Ingrid and Mike never doubted they could train Scip and Zeus and they did it. I am so proud!

Here are a lot of photos of the brothers from puppyhood until adulthood:

Zeus and Scip as young pups

Inside the office -the "baby raptors" as they were referred to then!

A bit older here but Scip's ears are still silly

Mike and the pups



Zeus looking every inch the showdog!

Zeus sunbathing

Zeus chilling out

Scip showing off

Scip and Zeus


Goldmali Careless Whisper "Axel"

December 2009





Goldmali Candyman "Erik"

November 2009


Erik playing his favourite game of chase with his friend George

Erik with his GSD friend George


Zara and friends December 2009

Goldmali Cherish

Zara in the snow


Zara and friend

Zara is getting so good at agility the camera cannot catch her!


Goldmali Careless Whisper "Axel" loves his frisbee





Wonderful summer photo of Axel


Another GREAT photo that gave me such a good laugh.

Goldmali Carrie "Ruby" trying to get out via the cat flap

Ruby supervising the work in the garden

"Did you hear what I said?"



I adore this photo -isn't it great! Ace and his family with a snow Malinois!

Goldmali Crocodile Rock





Now THIS is a dog's life!

Ace and friends


Goldmali Carrie "Ruby"

-looking so similar to her sister Roxie!



Goldmali Could It Be Magic "Tiva"



Goldmali Candyman "Erik"

Thanks to Jan Ralph for snapping this photo of Erik (belonging to Diane Botting) when he went to a recent agility show to socialise


Goldmali Could It Be Magic "Tiva" (Thea Jellicoe)


Goldmali Careless Whisper "Axel"

Wow. Look at these action shots of Axel -taken at just 5 months of age! Very impressive.





Goldmali Brown Sugar "Tanni" at Crufts 2009

Thanks Thea for the photos!


Goldmali Cherish "Zara"



Zara with her friends


Goldmali Candyman "Erik"

Erik playing with his friend George


A very comfortable Erik !


Thea with Tiva (Goldmali Could It Be Magic)

Tiva -ears looking much better now!


Goldmali Carrie "Ruby" wondering what the white stuff is


Goldmali Careless Whisper "Axel"

I'm very impressed with this photo of Axel from Hampshire, posing so well. I haven't even got decent photos of my own pups yet!