8th of April 2005 - 4th of September 2021

 Turbo Bobby of Goldmali 16 years old 2021

Papillon, dog

Black and white

D.o.b. 8th of April 2005

(Bobby is a neutered pet)

KC Good Citizen Bronze, Silver and Gold awards

 After 30 years of wanting a Papillon, I finally got one in 2005!
16 years later, Bobby is still with us.

My daughter Rebecca's funny card about Bobby. All her own work -card and ratings!


Bobby on his first day looking like Gizmo the gremlin!


Bobby on his first day with us.

One ear up and one down.

Tired puppy

Both ears up after just a few days

Playing with a catnip mouse -just the right size for a small puppy

Eating dinner together with his friend Rufus -who suddenly looks very big!

Bobby didn't want to sleep in his own house at night, he wanted to share with Rufus

Me and uncle Rufus!

Bobby doesn't REALLY sleep all the time,

it's just that he is SO fast when awake that it's impossible to catch him with the camera!

Outside in the cat run

Ah, the sun on my tummy!

Saying hello to the BIG Malinois puppies through the wire -they are younger than him!

(Rufus and Bobby don't mix with the big dogs for safety reasons -the size difference is too big.)

"Oh look at all those big dogs!"

For 24 years I have kept cats and dogs together.

It has never been a problem.

In fact, Vanilla really likes Bobby and lets him pull his ears.

But then one day Bobby was too rough with the wrong cat.

The cat took a swipe at his face, and caught his eye.

How unlucky can one little puppy be???

Bobby's eye was punctured!

It is now stitched shut in the hope that it will heal -

but if we are unlucky he may lose it.

After a night at the vet's he's very glad to be home again,

but he is feeling rather sorry for himself. Who can blame him.

But has Bobby learnt his lesson?? No, it doesn't loook like it!

Poor Vanilla! He is so patient with Bobby and doesn't tell him off.

So far, Bobby's eye is doing fine and there is at least a CHANCE that it will heal.

The stitches are OUT and at first we still didn't know if the eye would heal.

The vet was pessimistic!

But GOOD NEWS! Bobby's eye has healed!

Bobby loves all his toys

Rufus and Bobby July 2005.

August 2005 -I love this new toy!

Not only does Bobby play with cat toys,

he is rather cat like in his actions as well.

Bobby hardly ever stays still and it is now becoming

more and more difficult to take pictures of him unless he is asleep !

Bobby and Caspar the kitten play for hours every day.

Yes it may look like Caspar hates it,

but if Bobby moves away Caspar runs back for more !

Bobby 5 months old

I'm getting big!

Bobby with his toy collection, November 2005

December 2005. It's cold and I need a jumper.

Bobby now weighs in at 2.8 kgs (just over 6 lbs.)

He is doing very well at training classes and enjoys it.

Heelwork -"are you up there??"

Nice new warm coat in March 2006. 11 months old.

Bobby's first birthday!

Playing catch with Malinois puppies in Junbe 2006 (who were on the wrong side of the wire)

not even one paw on the ground!

Bobby and Rufus acting as Santa's reindeer for Benjamin

Bobby at dog club's Christmas party 2006, dressed up as a letter to Santa

Early 2007

Playing with Melanie -and new friend Kiara.

February 2007.

April 2007 and I am now 2 years old!

As usual have to wait forever before being allowed to eat the cake !

Very spoilt Bobby.

Posing with Rufus in July 2007

July 2007 -and now there are two ! See Ginny's own page.

I'm so happy with my friends I have to laugh!


Ginny and Bobby October 2007

Best friends !

We LOVE our toybox!

There are now 3 of us! Little Abby has arrived.

In the snow, Easter 2008.

April 2008

My friends sometimes think they are above me!

With my big friend Ripley

With my Papillon friends during a walk May 2008

June 2009, 4 years old

This photo with Ginny taken by Melanie July 2009

A very messy looking Bobby wants to get out of the snow, January 2010


To see several small Bobby films at YouTube click here:

Melanie and Bobby December 2010

9 years old, July 2014

11 years old

Bobby on his 14th birthday in 2019

Bobby on his 15th birthday 2020

16 years old