GINNY 22 OCTOBER 2006 - 20 DECEMBER 2023

This was Ginny's page.



Papillon bitch, d.o.b. 22nd of October 2006

Red Sable/white

Sire: Champion Inixia Troysdale Time Traveller Dam: Amicae Dottie Lottie

Breeder: Mary Whitehill

KC Good Citizen Bronze award

Eye tested clear (Nov. 2008)
Ginny is now spayed

A young Ginny


July 2007: At long last, I have a Papillon bitch! If all goes to plan, Ginny will one day have pups.


Oh, there are TOYS here!

I'm having this.

(Oh dear. It is Bobby's favourite toy!)

Bobby isn't ENTIRELY sure what he makes of Ginny. He thought he was the only Papillon in the world.

Bobby reckons he'll ignore her.

Although maybe I should keep an eye on her..........

Ginny doesn't mind the cats.

Look! I found a GREAT spot to watch the world from.

Posing with Rufus and Bobby. Bobby and Ginny are best of friends now and play all the time.

Where else do you expect me to sleep if not on the couch?


Ginny and Bobby October 2007

Best friends !

We LOVE our toybox!

Ginny is far more accepting of big dogs now than she used to be,

and kept Ripley company when she'd injured her leg in January 2008.

What's this? Ginny and new puppy friend Abby examining the snow at Easter 2008.

I like Abby.

April 2008

A nice walk May 2008. Ginny, Bobby, Abby.

June 2009

Proud mother at last! December 2009

Ginny in the snow January 2010

and December 2010

Ginny (front) with her son Peanut April 2011.

Lounging around at home with Rona, 2012

July 2012

April 2016 9 ½ years old

14 years and 4 months old