NEWS 2021


Overall 2020/2021: Joanne Apostolou with Zulte (Goldmali I Believe I Can Fly AGWS) is top in the Gold division Senior Agility League in the Large section. The are also 8th overall in all divisions.

4th of December: Lucy Toyne with Rosa (G. I Have A Dream) and Walter (G. Opportunity Nox) competed at Wyre Agility . Walter had 2 wins (jumping and agility) towards grade 4 plus a 6th,
and Rosa got a second in agility.
Mark Salter's Jackson (G. Power) was Reserve Best AVNSC at the Exonian CA Open show.
Nikita Norman passed the Bronze Good Citizen test with Goldmali Poddington Ping "Pod".

14th of November: A new grandson! Welcome to Timmy's and Lola's little brother ARLO HARRY.

23rd of October: NBSDC's second Championship show. Rani BPB and BP in Breed. Mats BVD. Bambi and Rona also took part and all were graded Excellent.
17th of October: Natalie Mitchell and River (G. Paradox) gained the KC Obedience Award of Merit.

1st of October: We had a final, FINAL Malinois litter born, the S litter. Magic had 8 pups to Santee. The S litter.

24th of September: Birmingham National and BSDA Championship shows on the same day. Bambi took the RBCC in both shows. Mats took the RDCC in the National and Best Veteran in Breed in the BSDA.
Kirsty Thomas's Zeke (G. Quicksilver) was BP in the National. Natalie Mitchell's River (G. Paradox) was Best Special Beginner at the National.

17th of September: Darlington Championship Show. Rani (G. Queen of Hearts) won Best Puppy, Bambi (G. Over The Rainbow) won Limit and took the RCC,
and Natalie Mitchell's River (G. Paradox) won Junior Bitch and Post Graduate Bitch. AND then Natalie and River went on to pass the KC Good Citizen GOLD test elsewhere the same day!!

12th of September: Bianca Schofield and Fire (Goldmali Noyau's Fire at Toverheks) passed the KC Good Citizen Silver test.

7th of September: Ernie (G. Moon River, Phalene) with owner Hannah Houldsworth places first at his very first agility show when in grade 7 !

Also Zelda (G. Kalinka, Malinois) with owner Karen Denton placed 2nd in a Level 8 Scentwork UK trial,
and with her previous two firsts and a fourth she has now gained 32 points in total at Level 8 and is
the first dog EVER to qualify for an Excellent title at the highest level in Scentwork UK!

4th of September: Bye old Bobby, our first Papillon. 16 years and 5 months old and the time had come. We miss you little Bobs.

21st of August: Heather Weideman and Lupa (G. Little Cloud) WINS the UK Hoopers Large Novice Championships.
Lupa also placed second in the pairs with his friend. He is the official UKhoopers large novice champion 2021!

12th of August: Kennel Club International Agility Festival. Lucy Toyne with Walter (G. Opportunity Nox, Malinois) places 25th out of 150 (!) in the Large combined grade 1-2 Agility.
 Hannah Houldsworth with Ernie (G. Moon River, Phalene) places 32nd out of 152 in the Small British Open Jumping grade 6-7!
Ernie is now Grade 7 !!

9th of August: RIP our rescue Malinois Cassie.

7th of August: Northern BSD Club Championship show. Rani (G. Queen of Hearts) Best Puppy and Rex (G. King of Hearts) RDCC.

3rd of August: Bath Championship Show. Bambi (G. Over the Rainbow) takes the Bitch CC. Mark Salter's Jackson (G.Power) at his first ever show aged 14 months takes the Reserve DCC!

Jackson photo by Yvonne Davis

25th of July: Leeds Championship show. Goldmali Queen of Hearts (Rani) won Best Puppy. Goldmali Paradox (River) with Natalie Mitchell won Junior Bitch and was Best Special Beginner and is now Crufts qualified. Bambi (G. Over the Rainbow) was first in LB but she was the only entry so nothing to shout about.

24th of July: Natalie Mitchell and River competed in their first obedience show and placed 8th!

17th of July: The first show with CCs since lockdown !! National Working & Pastoral Breeds Championship show. Unfortunately we could not be there but Kirsty Thomas with Goldmali Quicksilver (Zeke) won Best Puppy and is now Crufts qualified.

11th of July: A one off and a dream come true -Lottie had 5 Poodle puppies! The Goldmali R litter.

Last weekend of June: Joanne Apostolou and Zulte (Goldmali I Believe I Can Fly AWS) won into grade 6 agility.

25th of June: Natalie Mitchell and River passed the KC Good Citizen Silver test.

28th of May: Mark Salter and Jackson (Goldmali Power) passed the IMDT Partnership Grade 2 Award.

30th of April: Natalie Mitchell with River (Goldmali Paradox) passed their KC Good Citizen Bronze test.

2021 in general: Very sadly there have been several Goldmalis pass away. Rest in Peace Goldmali Angel ("Cleo" with Chris and Steve) who was 16, Goldmali Could It Be Magic ("Tiva" with Thea) who was almost 13, Goldmali Careless Whisper ("Axel" with Cathy and Mick ) aged 12, Goldmali Incredible ("Dime" with Margaret) aged 7 and Goldmali Obviously ("Mali" with Brian) aged just 4.