NEWS 2023

29th of December: Sarah Fenby with Seven (G. Somebody To Love) win out of Grade 2 agility and will now compete in Grade 3.

20th of December: We had to say goodbye to our oldest dog Ginny the Papillon, aged 17 years and 2 months.

17th of December: Goldmali Quicksilver owned by Kirsty Thomas received hip score 5/5 and elbow score 0/0.
17th of December: Sarah Fenby and Seven (G. Somebody To Love) went to Stuart Doughty Agility Training's Cotswold Christmas Chase show where Seven won her first class.
12th of December: Sarah Fenby and Seven (G. Somebody To Love) competed at Dog Sports Derby agility and placed 2nd in Large Jumping combined 1-3.

6th of December: Kirsty Thomas and Zeke (G. Quicksilver) passed the KC Good Citizen GOLD test!

26th of November: Missy took Best Puppy and Best of Breed at Bridlington CS Open show. However her only competitor was Noodle.

12th of November: Nathalie Mitchell and River (G. Paradox) gained River's first placing in Hoopers: she placed 2nd in tunnellers out of 43 dogs!

28th of October: Goldmali Salute Belshedo ("Gibbs") took Best Dog at Midland Counties Championship show. Gibbs is owned by Jane Willingham and Charlie Metcalf.

4th of October:
Kirsty Thomas and Zeke (Goldmali Quicksilver) passed the KC Good Citizen Silver test -well done!

17th of September:
Bianca Schofield and Goldmali Noyau's Fire at Toverheks (Fire) went to Darlington Championship show
after not having shown for the past 5 years. Fire took the Reserve BCC!

10th of September: Bambi gives birth to 8 puppies, the Goldmali U litter. There can't be any more Malinois litters now.

9th of September: Pauline Jackson and Wish (G. Kismet) competed in the UK regional heat of the K9 frisbee World Championships.
Wish came 4th in her division in the UK and thoroughly enjoyed herself. Sadly she is in liver failure but she is enjoying life and Pauline and Wish are making memories whilst they can.

27th of August: Sky (Goldmali So What) with owner Sue Ingram competed in UK Dog Sport Beginners for the first time, and won! Sky got a brilliant score of 49 out of 50 possible!

11th of August: Hooperfest. Sarah Fenby and Seven (G. Somebody To Love)competed in Sky's first Grade 3 show and won three first places!
Heather Weideman and Lupa (G. Little Cloud) managed SIX first placings! On one day of the competitions Seven and Lupa won 4 out of 5 possible classes between them!
22nd/23rd of July:
Rogue (Goldmali Starman) with owner Margaret Young wins obedience class A and moves up to B. He then competes in B and places 3rd out of 38!

16th of July: BSDA Championship show with French judge. Jane's & Charlie's Gibbs (G. Salute Belshedo), our Bambi (Ch G. Over The Rainbow), Rani (G. Queen of Hearts) and
Mats (Mats VD Vaardekenshoeve at Goldmali) were all graded EXCELLENT. Mats was Best Veteran.

15th of July: Rogue (Goldmali Starman) with owner Margaret Young won another 1st in Obedience class A.

14th of July: Welcome to our new import from Belgium; VASCO VAN DE VAARDEKENSHOEVE, 13 months old dog.

13th of July:
At UK Hoopers Finals Big Weekender Heather Weideman with Lupa (Goldmali Little Cloud) and Sarah Fenby with Gambler (a hairy Xolo!) competed in pairs with UK Hoopers.
They WON and were made Pawsmade pairs champions 2023!
Sarah and Seven (Goldmali Somebody To Love) also did brilliantly: in Grade 2 Seven had four class wins, two 3rd placings and one 4th place.
In the Websters Novice Championship Seven took 3rd place in Round 1, took 7th place Overall in the Large Championship,
won the Starters Cup League  and won into Grade 3!

1st of July: Kirsty Thomas and Goldmali Quicksilver "Zeke" eared the Intermediate trick title and Advanced trick title via "Do More With Your Dog".
Sarah Fenby and Seven (Goldmali Somebody To Love) won a 1st in agility.

End of June: At QSAT (Quite Simply Agility Training) Joanne Apostolou and Zulte (G. I Believe I Can Fly) made it into the finals despite only running on 2 out of the 7 days. 
Zulte gained a 2nd in the Large Grade 7 section.

Sue Ingram's Sky (Goldmali So What) passed her KC Good Citizen GOLD test!

25th of June:
Blackpool Championship Show. Mats RBD & Best Veteran, Bambi RBB, Ella's Louve (Goldmali She's The One of Pompidor ) 1st in PGB.

21st of June: Royal Cheshire Agricultural Premier Open Show. Bambi BOB Malinois and shortlisted in the group.

17-18th of June: At Jumping Jacks Agility  Joanne Apostolou and Zulte (Goldmali I Believe I Can Fly AWS) took one 1st, two 2nds and two 3rds.

15th of June:
Kirsty Thomas and Goldmali Quicksilver "Zeke" has eared his title in NOVICE trick title and NOVICE MASTER via "Do More With Your Dog".

10-11th of June: Joanne Apostolou and Zulte (Goldmali I Believe I Can Fly AWS) competed in agility at Godmanchester.
Joanne pulled Zulte out of the steeplechase, as it was at the peak of the heat and too hot -TOTALLY the safest decision.
The rest of the weekend Zulte managed to take a 1st in the Helter-skelter, 4th in G4-7 agilty, G4-7 jumping and agility a clear round, in each.

20th of May:
Rogue (Goldmali Starman) owned by Margaret Young has won out of obedience Novice class, winning a first in A on the first attempt! At his next two shows he placed 2nd.

13th of May: Redditch Open show. Bambi was BOB and Ella's Louve RBOB.

4th of May: We had to miss Birmingham National Championship as I was ill. However Goldmali Salute Belshedo took the RDCC again - Gibbs is owned by Charlie Metcalf & Jane Willingham. Sarah Fenby's G. Somebody To Love "Seven" was 1st in YB.

9th of May: Sarah Fenby and Seven aka Goldmali Somebody To Love (plus Gambler, a coated Xoloitzcuintle) will be
representing IMCA & PAWC UK Team at the Para Agility World Championships in The Netherlands
this year!!

1st of May: Seven competed over several days in only her second ever KC Agility show and placed 3rd in the G1-3 agility.

23rd of April: Sarah and Seven competed at Hoopers & Steeplechase DUO SHOW. Seven gained a 2st in Steeplechase and a 3rd and a 5th in Hoopers.
Seven is now officially moved up to Grade 2 hoopers.

12th of April: Sarah Fenby and Seven (G. Somebody To Love) had an awesome weekend at UK Hoopers  with 8 placings: four FIRSTS, two seconds, a third and a 6th
 plus Seven qualified for the 2023 Websters Novice Championship!

10th of April: Natalie Mitchell and River (G. Paradox) competed in obedience and gained their third Obedience Merit.

2nd of April: Belgian Shepherd Dog Association's Open show. Bambi (Ch. G. Over The Rainbow) was BB&BOB, Mats was BD&BV, Ella's Louve (G. She's The One of Pompidor) was RBB.

25h of March: Heather Weideman and Lupa (G. Little Cloud) went to a UKhoopers competition. Lupa had 4 clear rounds, he came 2nd in two classes and won his other two classes.
Sarah Fenby and Seven )G. Somebody To Love) also competed and Seven won the Grade 1&2 Parcours with a 15 point lead.

19th of March: Retford Canine Society Open show. Bambi (Ch. Goldmali Over the Rainbow) took BOB and Rani (G. Queen of Hearts) RBOB.

10th of March: CRUFTS.
For the first time in 35 years we did not attend Crufts as we had a family reunion. We will be back next year but the Goldmali owners did us proud as always!
Jane Willingham/Charlie Metcalf Goldmali Salute Belshedo 1st JD and RESERVE DOG CC.
Mark Salter Goldmali Power 1st in PGD.
Sarah Fenby Goldmali Somebody To Love 2st in JB.
Natalie Mitchell Goldmali Paradox 2nd PGB.
And at Discover dogs all 4 days Goldmalis helped represent Malinois:
Joanne with Zulte (G. I Believe I Can Fly), Heather with Lupa (G. Little Cloud), Sarah with Seven (G. Somebody to Love) and Lucy with Rosa (G. I Have A Dream) and Walter (G. Opportunity Nox).
5th of March:
Diane Botting and Boris (Goldmali Keepsake) passed level 2 in UK Scentwork.

4th of March: Bianca Schofield and Fire (Goldmali Noyau's Fire at Toverheks) did a scentwork assessment under
The College Of Scent Dogs Ltd umbrella. The assessment was the Sargent assessment.  Fire really enjoyed the searching and passed the assessment.

1st of March: Sarah Fenby and Seven (Goldmali Somebody To Love) were in their local newspaper: CLICK HERE

26th of February: Sarah Fenby's Seven (Goldmali Somebody To Love) won her first trophy in UK Hoopers by placing
1st in Grade 1 Parcours. She also placed 2nd in G1-4 Open Speedstakes.

18th of February: Jane Willingham & Charlie Metcalf's Gibbs (Goldmali Salute Belshedo) was BOB at NWPBS Open show.

16th of February: Welcome grandchild number 4! Son Benjamin and his fiancée Suzie are the proud parents of Dolly!

13th of February: Natalie Silcock's Tidus (Goldmali Lionheart) competed in obedience for the first time with the British Competitive Obedience Society and placed 4th in Grade 1 and 6th in Grade 2.

4th of February: Heather Weideman's Lupa (Goldmali Little Cloud) took two first places in UK Hoopers.
7th of January: Lucy Toyne's Walter (Goldmali Opportunity Nox) had his final win in agility Grade 4, which moved him up to Grade 5 after just being in 4 since November!