Ripley's puppies to Lakota

6 weeks old

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6 weeks old.

Come on, let us out !!

This is better. What are you doing on the other side of the wire Bobby ??

Wow that Bobby is FAST -not one paw on the ground!

Rufus too wonders what the pups are doing on the wrong side


Bored with it now

Splodge has both ears up now, and is the spitting image of Rambo the same age

6 weeks and 1 day old, playing with uncle Simba

Why are you in there Teddy?

Simba, T2 and Splodge

Hello Splodge

Jump on me !

I shall whisper in your ear

I love this, says Simba with Ridgie on his back

I will babysit ALL day

Simba making faces at his little friends

Splodge retrieving


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