Ripley's puppies to Lakota

7 weeks old and ready to leave home

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7 weeks and 5 days old

All 6 asleep together.

The very last photo of the whole litter together.

Being assessed on the table. This is "Heart Girl" aka "Waggy" -

who will officially be known as GOLDMALI BELIEVE, pet name RIO.

Rio is staying here.

"T-girl", officially GOLDMALI BROWN SUGAR, whose pet name is going to be TANNI.

"Ridgie" on the table, not bothered at all!


T2, who is the palest

"Little White"

And on the day, Little White was picked and went to his new home.

His pet name is now TALU, and his registered name GOLDMALI BORN TO BE WILD.

He now lives in Wales with his dad Lakota !

Good luck with him Thea ! We'll see you at the shows Talu !


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